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Charlie's Soap


Sunday, July 18
The towels!

For the love of all things holy, can't anyone do anything about the towels?

We have a basket full of beach towels. It has been completely emptied and washed twice today. Bath towels? Don't even start me on the bath towel consumption. They're sly, sly I tell you. You can't even see them when they do it. Actually, they have no idea they're doing it despite my long, windy-assed admonishments about using one towel for the day.

As you see, I made it back from Wal-Mart mostly unscathed. Now, if you know me at all, you know I love Target. I would like to marry Target. However, since I am already married, I will never be Mrs. Busy Target. If I could marry Target, then we could go out with Mr. and Mrs. BedHeadSmallTalk.

At any rate, after tallying up the things I wanted needed, it became clear that I could get them all done in one stop. And, as many of you know, when you have kids, it's all about "gotta go, gotta hurry" when you've left the spouse at home with all of 'em.

Well, OK, I'm supposed to say that. Yeah, I hurry when I'm out sans kids so I can get back. Right. Really, really I do. Seriously...

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Tell me about it... we live in a resort community. Despite all the hotel towels we, uhm, "borrow". There's never any around when we get out of the shower!

We have the same strange thing happen at our place. No matter how many towels I wash (if i can find them) they always disappear. I have taken to keeping two towels just for hubby and I. I made sure the kids new they were ours and not theirs. It has worked most of the time so far. I did loose my towel the other day though to the 2 year old and I found it under the kitchen table!
Re kids left at home with husband. I am sure it is a ploy by them just to get us to stay home while they ahve all the fun!

There is one good advantage of living alone!! My towels are right where I left them!! Ahhhhh!

I've noticed that with my daughter being off for a month, my towels are staying clean and dry, too. Huh. What a coincidence.

First I catch foot-in-mouth from you, then you catch laundryitis from me! Clearly we need to be separated for a bit!! ;)

Posted by: Mir | July 19, 2004 8:32 AM

If you married Target, I would be soooo jealous.

Well you are very nice, when my wife leaves me with the kids (them with me?) She takes forever, but she gets paid back. We make lots of messes and don't ever clean up till she yells at all of us. I keep trying to tell her that It was all them, but she doesn't believe me. I think she likes them more.

Posted by: Tom | July 19, 2004 9:22 AM

Towels? You mean those terry cloth things that get used and washed so often that they are frayed and worn? I should put a mark on one of my towels to see how many times it gets washed during the week.

Posted by: VJ | July 19, 2004 10:34 AM

I miss Wal Mart, Target and all those easy access places. Good to know I only have 6 months left here! YAY!

Mmmmmm, Target. I'm afraid there's no hurrying in Target. Especially when I don't have kids with me. I love a nice slooow mosey through Target.

Posted by: Chelle | July 19, 2004 11:16 AM

towels, you have towels, I'm so jealous! What are they like, I used to own really nice ones, but, no towels, just kids! ((sniffling and crying to self))

we grew up with the one cup rule in the summer. We got one cup in the morning and we kept it throughout the day.

Maybe a one-towel rule since they can air-dry?