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Charlie's Soap


Sunday, September 25
SAD, cows and zebras and way too many quotation marks

I'm sitting in Starbucks trying to adjust my attitude, it's helping a little. Well, actually, it's the Pumpkin Spice Latte that's helping and it may be "helping" until the wee hours of the morning now that I think about it, but whatever. If I'm still up, I promise I'll type quietly, just let me know if I'm bothering you.

I'm beginning to think I have SAD, "Sunday Affective Disorder". I can feel it's grip beginning early afternoon and it doesn't release itself until Sunday night. I get frustrated when I feel like I'm neither spending time with my family nor getting things done that need doing. Yes, I know family is more important than "getting things done", but clean underwear for all ranks right up there, too.

Then there's the matter of the zebras. Everyone has activities of daily living they need to keep up with, you know, the stuff that's never "done", like dishes and laundry. Those are the "cows", the everyday mundane, repetitive stuff. The "zebras" are the "other" things like cleaning out that closet, organizing photos or painting the hallway that also need to be done and bring a great sense of satisfaction when they are completed, but they always seem to be edged out by the cows. I've been wrangling cows all day, and I suppose the zebras will be fine until another time, but they've been known to stampede when they don't get enough attention.

Enough zoo talk, night is falling and I can feel my Weekday Automatic Pilot kicking in and the SAD is leaving. They're mopping under my feet here at Bucky Stars and I left the house under the pretense of going to the grocery store, so I guess I'd better actually go to the store, huh?

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Ha! My husband never understands why I take so long at the grocery store. Its my little escape route. I have gotten to the point where I think, the grocery store should sell more so I have more to look at! It is sad. The zebras are ready to stampede over here as well. I am about ready to just open the door and let them stampede straight to the dump.

I love your post! And I truly believe this is an epidemic, the cows and zebras and all. I ended up taking a nap after church then headed to the grocery store for an aisle walking adventure. Is tomorrow really monday?

Screw the cows and the zebras, but thank the lord for Starbucks, huh? Wonderful Post!

I was drafting a post about THIS VERY SAME THING in my head tonight, as I was cleaning up the kitchen (again!). Mine wasn't nearly so eloquent (no zebras and cows), but the same idea.

I tend to blame it on having my husband around all weekend, which is somehow like having a third child, one who gets really cranky if we're not doing something ALL THE TIME. And that just makes more 'cows' for me.

Sigh. Thanks for saying all this--I really DO feel better now.

Does your family get suspicious when they see you taking your laptop on the grocery run?

Oh, you said it so well. I've been posting this same post in my brain all day. Trying to be witty about how pissy I am on Sunday and trying to figure out why. I don't need to say it now. You did a fab job of it.

(And hey, share a pumpkin spice latte with a girl, hu? Yummm.)

OH! I didn't see Susan's comment before I posted (note to self, read other comments so as to not copy exactly what they say.)

Sorry for being so unoriginal. But I guess it's just too true.

I do that too, spend tons of time out grocery shopping. I have a list of items to buy, but I still browse isle by isle.

SAD is definately a worldwide affliction! (As are Cows & Zebras!) Maybe there should be an extra day introduced between Sunday and Monday - although it would only delay the SAD effect slightly, at least we could all enjoy Sunday more!
As for the grocery shopping, I do mine online - which means I can blog (and read blogs!) at the same time - the perfect combination!!!

I so understand this. If I don't get that balance of alone-time, kid-time, spouse-time, and productivity accomplished, I feel like I've wasted the weekend, and feel morose and blah Sunday evening. And how often do I get all that accomplished? Actually, surprisingly often. I've made it easy for myself by lowering my standards. A lot. My zebras OWN my home, but they're quiet, don't eat too much, and never stampede, so we manage without too much angst.

In another eight years, when the last of the kids has flown the coop, I'll start some serious zebra herding...

Then, of course, there are the Snakes -- the FOUR children who will bite you on the ass if they don't get enough attention.

I so, so hear you. I haven't even SEEN a zebra in a while. But it's those gajillion-calorie white chocolate mochas that make me feel better. :)

Again, you are fabulously brilliant! I didn't realize what animals I had running through my house - but it does explain the smell. And now I hear a grande mocha calling me.

lol...I just may have to go to the grocery store tonight.I love the pumpkin spice latte.Yum-o!

Oh no, pumpkin spice. You shouldn't have mentioned it. It's one of my favs. Now I'll have to go get one.

Once school starts up, Mondays take on a whole new meaning, which means my Sundays are a scramble! I hear ya, sister!

I love it when the Pumpkin Spice Lattes are back on the menu!

My zebras always stampede the day before company comes.

Posted by: Zoot | September 26, 2005 2:56 PM

Zebras would be great, but right now even the cows are suffering because of a couple of elephants I have to get out of the way first.

I usually spend at least two hours grocery shopping at our local carries-everything-from-food-to-furniture Mega Super Store. It's like a little vacation!

And you came up with the perfect way to describe those projects that need to get done "Some day". There's a large zebra living in the baby's nursery right now.

i've got SAD as well. my temper has been getting shorter and my emotions more frazzled.. i thought it was stress.. i tend to forget about SAD until it kicks me in the ass.


I used to buy zebra projects with the subconscious idea that time to do them would be included with the purchase. . . til the clutter of undone zebras made me realize the error in my assumption. I have some dusty zebras from 1991. . . maybe even some from the late '80s now that I think of it:-O

Posted by: Lorel | September 27, 2005 3:14 PM

I feel your pain (albeit a few days late...)

'Wanted to say Happy Birthday...our birthdays are a day apart and we're the same age!

Posted by: Laurie | September 28, 2005 9:06 AM