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Charlie's Soap


Thursday, December 1
There must be 50 ways to sing the Joker

Since my kids still persist in singing it wrong, it's time for this year's poll. Complete this "holiday" song:

Jingle bells, Batman smells...

12:54 PM | Comments (30) |

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Robin laid an egg...
The batmobile lost its wheel
and Joker took ballet!

Robin laid and egg..
The batmobile lost it's wheel
and the joker got away!

I learned it the same way as Erin.

Have you noticed the Batman theme you have going here lately? You got a thing for Bruce Wayne?

Same as Erin and buffi - the joker got away one

Posted by: Stacey | December 1, 2005 1:15 PM

We usually sang about the joker getting away, too.

Since they got that one...
I'll tackle the other one.

We sang "The Joker" like this:

Some people call me
The space cowboy, yeah
Some call me the gangster of love
Some people call me Maurice

Yes, I learned it the Joker got away way, but have heard the "ballet" thing from my six-year-old. There was also a gross second verse that involved peeing on a wall or something, but I don't remember it because I forbade him from ever singing it again as soon as I heard it. :)

Just tell them they can only sing it in the car. Then maybe they'll actually get in the car when it's time to go. Of course every car ride that includes one or more children over the next month will turn into a living hell. But it's the price we pay for the privilege of repopulating the earth.

Posted by: paul | December 1, 2005 1:34 PM

I learned the "Joker got away" version a long time ago too, and I have to think this must be the official one since the Joker actually sang it on an episode of the Batman Animated TV show a couple years ago. And he, of course, got away.

The "Northern NJ version" goes like this:
Jingle Bells, Batman Smells, Robin laid an egg.
Blows his nose in Cheerios and Joker got away.

The kids here near Philly sing it different, but I don't know how it all goes.

No-- ours ends with the last line being about someone breaking a leg. There's no ballet in our version AT ALL.

I grew up in South Jersey and we said it the same as Erin and the others who have the Joker getting away. I never knew there was any other way to sing it!!

"blows his nose in cheerios" - WOW. Have they been in my house or what?

Gotta love a 6 year old.

Robin laid an egg
The batmobile lost it's wheel
And Joker got a~way

I remember it ended with something about Cheerios when I was a kid. My 8 yr. old son now sings it this way:

Jingle bells, Batman smells,
Robin laid an egg,
The Batmobile lost it's wheel,
And Commissioner broke his leg.

I don't want Kim to feel all alone, so I'll confess to learning the ballet line.

From my 10 year old.

I don't remember the Batmobile line, though. I may have to check with her when she gets home from swim practice.

I've heard a very different version, but it really isn't appropriate here ...

but the Joker is gay. ;)

-G I remember it going is in the last line Joker ran away.

But Charmless - do you speak with the pompetus of love?

And, just what IS that, anyway?

The Pompetus of Love is a great movie with Jon Cryer in it. (Written by him too, I believe) It is the equivalent of a chick flick, for guys. Super movie.

And in my memory, the joker got away too. Slippery devil.

Hmmm. Don't really know any of the words to that one. In Georgia, we always sang,

Jingle bells, shotgun shells
Granny has a gun.
Shot me in my underwear
and boy I had to run!

I guess that's the cracker version.

The Joker definitely ran away, b ut I like Charmless' version the best!

THIS part of North Jersey has
"Joker got away" as well. (Curiouos as to Barb's locale in NJ).

Um...I heard it a different way...and it's not at all appropriate for repeating. In this version, grandma had a gun and I'll leave it at that.

Robin laid an egg.
Batmobile lost its wheel
and Joker got away...

Posted by: zanie | December 2, 2005 12:31 PM

Robin laid an egg.
The batmobile lost its wheel
and Joker took ballet, Hey!

The Joker taking ballet just makes no sense...

I've always heard it as Joker got aaaaaaawaaaaaaaay!

And I moved a lot growing up and lived all over the country...LOL

robin laid an egg
chief o'hara went to jail
commisioner broke his leg

Posted by: LizJ | December 3, 2005 1:33 PM

Robin laid an egg.
The wheel fell off the Batmobile, the Joker got away....HEY!!

I know----I got in an argument with my kids as well...but they seem to have the version that the majority of everyone else has!!

Posted by: Stephanie | December 4, 2005 11:10 AM