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Charlie's Soap


Thursday, February 2
Subconscious multi-tasking

I am in awe of my own efficiency of anxiety as expressed through a dream I had last night. So much worrying completed in so little time, all in one stop!

In said dream, I was riding a falling elevator (classic dream) to a doctor's office to get medical charts (a task on which I'm woefully behind at work) when, suddenly I saw a friend (who I actually need to call). She told me that what I needed was actually inside the door she pointed to, so I went in and found myself at the beach (we are trying to figure out if we can take a vacation this summer).

I was making some progress on the task at hand, when, a large wave came up (a recurring stress dream of mine) and soaked me. Since I was wearing a school uniform (need to do laundry so kids will have school uniforms), I was worried I'd get in trouble. As luck would have it, there was a lone washer and dryer on the beach. But, I had to wait in line to use them, because a sick lady (my mother) needed them first. However, when it was my turn, the dryer wouldn't work (my dryer actually doesn't work, and they can't fix it), and there was a dirty pair of underwear stuck inside (I have 2 boys, need I say more?).

I decided that I wouldn't be able to complete my task of doing laundry and getting the medical records (two things I actually can't complete right now), so, I got back on the elevator and laid down on the floor to sleep (obvious reference), but, was quickly awakened by my MIL (who's coming to visit today) who insisted on taking me and a girl I went to high school with to the grocery (we really need to get to the grocery and I was hoping to do so before she came) because we were out of lemons (?) and she needed them before the kids got home from school.

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Now why can't I dream so efficiently? I dream about cabana boys and cute little drinks with paper umbrellas.

I hate dreams like that...
they keep reminding me of how long my list of things really is.

Maybe the last part means you would be making lemonade out of the lemons...if only you time to go buy some.

Wow! fascinating and entertaining...the beginnings of a sitcom to be sure.

Count me on the life gives you lemons, make lemonade train!

Wow! I've never been into the dream analysis (likely because my dreams are so random) but yours seems so fitting for everything you've been going through. I say listen to your friend who says it's time to go to the beach. Laundry service at the shore aside, it might be nice not to multi-task in your sleep.

Must be worn out after dreaming that lot. Just passin' on a blog hop

I am in awe of the creativity of your anxiety! This is much more fun than any boring to-do list.

On a personal note, my own dreams have, alas, been dashed to pieces today...

But your post made me smile!

Maybe you think the girl from school or your MIL is a lemon, :-D

Posted by: formerborodad | February 2, 2006 12:20 PM

Freud would so love you. You'd make his day. :)

I've had some pretty weird dreams of late (comes from hot flashes at night,I think!)...but they are very disjointed and weird...yours at least make sense! How can you make sense of riding a scooter down the sidewalk with your son and passing someone who's just pooped on the sidewalk as he walked??!! That was the part I remembered today...I guess I'm getting tired of walking my 2 bigdogs...

Jeez, my dreams NEVER make that much sense. In any case, it sure sounds like you need a break...or a nap.

Greetings from Wisconsin.

Hire help immediately!

A recurring dream I have is somebody in my life is dead. So we take them to the funeral home but they're alive when we get there. We have to put them in the casket alive. This has happened in dreams of people who are still living and those who have already died. I HATE THIS DREAM.

Posted by: SistaSmiff | February 2, 2006 3:25 PM

One of my recurring dreams is that I can't find a bathroom. When I wake up, I NEED a bathroom--now! I fear that sometime, in my dream, I'll find the bathroom. I'm sure that would not be good.

Let's just hope that lemon doesn't refer to either the Busy Van or Busy Van II.

shew! I'm exhausted and need a nap after that dream! and I agree with the lemonade theory too - you must be needing to make some...!