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Charlie's Soap


Sunday, February 5
Super Bowl Commercial Live Blog

UPDATE: You can watch them for yourself here

5:40 pm CST - Budweiser "Magic Fridge" - Pretty funny
5:48 pm CST - FedEx caveman - L-A-M-E
5:53 pm CST - P-Diddy Pepsi - huh?
6:00 pm CST - Alleve Leonard Nimoy - somebody called, I didn't hear it
6:00 pm CST - Ameriquest hospital - do what?
6:00 pm CST - Bud Light guys on roof - Meh.
6:05 pm CST - Jackie Chan Pepsi - stupid (not looking so good for Pepsi, so far)
6:14 pm CST - Mobile ESPN - yawn (I missed some short Budweiser one)
6:18 pm CST - monkeys - unfunny
6:18 pm CST - Cadillac Escalade - boring
6:27 pm CST - Kermit Ford hybrid - snore
(I think I missed some in here somewhere)
6:27 pm CST - Michelob football girl - sorta funny kinda
6:29 pm CST - ABC "Desperate Housewives" promo - heh
6:37 pm CST - GoDaddy strap - whatever
6:40 pm CST - Gillette fusion razor - overkill
6:40 pm CST - "Desperate Housewives" #2 - chuckle
TD Steelers! Maybe...
6:43 pm CST - "All about the 'O'" - trying too hard to be suggestive

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Oh this is going to be good, Busy Mom's take on the commercials, excellent, it gives me something to do during the plays - come back and check your site for updates!

LOL yeah that is all I like watching durring superbowl LoL.
I just saw the bud light commercial. It was a good chuckle!

I thought the Burger King one was lame as well. Haven't seen a good one yet. I'll keep watching...

Streaker! LOL

Love the Bud Light Bear ad.

Okay, I just watched the Budweiser 'streaker' and thought it was so funny that I fell off the sofa (not hard to do, but still).

Okay, seriously, who allowed the new Pepsi campaign to be I thought my kids were gonna wet their pants.

did they just advertise that if you go to you can see the "rest" of that commercial????

It's all about the O...predictable.

Okay,. I missed the streaker! dang it!

...blecch! ......not good either. only good thing was the tongue rollup at the beginning. how did it COME to this?

Posted by: xhippie | February 5, 2006 7:20 PM

...forgot to add this:
I love your commercial critique busymom, don't quit now!

Posted by: xhippie | February 5, 2006 7:23 PM

the disney world commercial is cute.

HAHAHAHAH! Hilarity!

Don't judge....

Ameriquest is a winner on both so far!

I liked Aleve and the Disney World ones.

Notice there are no drug ads this year?

The judges on the rexblog are tough -- but you're brutal.

I guess ads for erection drugs can only last one year :-)

wow, MacGuyver is getting old huh? hmmm he used to be HOT!


My vote so far for fave ads: the Budweiser streaking sheep and the Hummer "Godzilla" type-creature/giant robot love story. LOVED the halftime show. Best I've seen in a long time.

p.s. my 3-year-old girl was fascinated by Mick, least they have good taste in music :)

You didn't like the Fed Ex cavemen? We thought that was the best!

I liked Kermit... or at least, my two-year-old did. My husband thought the "magic fridge" was a hoot. I was too busy getting mad at the refs. Count me as one miffed Seattle fan.

No Super Bowl party invies for us either. I know three other couples who blew off parties for laundry and homework. What's up with that? Thanks for the commerical blogging since I missed most of them bathing and bedding 3 kids. Who won again?

Posted by: Lynfh | February 5, 2006 11:03 PM

Budweiser did me proud again - loved the horsey football game with the sheared sheep streaker! That was a great spin off to previous ones, and the one with the baby Clydesdale was top notch, too. Both my boys were "awwww"ing at that one!

No need to watch the game yesterday. All I needed to know is right here.

I didn't see any of them.

But I know 2 of my kids that WERE watching laughed their butts off at a FedEx commerical.

I saw about 10 seconds of one with a revolving wall and praying guys. Seemed rather cute. I chuckled.

Then I went back into the kitchen and finished making nummies.


I stayed away from the computer last night, for the most part. What a game, and your list is a blast!

Think Britney will look that good when she's sixty something?

(I'm talking here about Keith, my wife thinks Mick had his tummy tucked)

Disney World was my favorite. Streaker & magic fridge made me chuckle. But I have to confess to laughing at loud at the BK commercial when they actually put the "Whopper" together.

All of the Stones "fans" were also the people to bring the stage on and off. Those people had to audition to be there - they had to be able to stand for 5 hours and lift heavy objects. They werent even able to see the game from inside the stadium live! Gee, sign me up for THAT! lol Thanks for the commercial commentary!

Posted by: L-A | February 6, 2006 8:47 AM

Bud was really my only saving grace this year...otherwise it all just left me with sort of a 'meh' feeling. And the soundman musta fell asleep during halftime because my mom who is a huge Stones fan calls me and tells me they suck and she's angry at whoever was responsible for letting Mick skip. *chuckle*

The FedEx commercial was the best one of the night. The Burger King ad team flat out scares me. And will the Rolling Stones just stop already. Just. Stop. Please.

you know what i hate?
watching the freakin' superbowl in CANADA....the commercials are soooooooooooooooo bad.

I didn't see any of them. I avoid commercials and cliches like the plague.

Great link - I missed the game/ads so now I can see what everyones talking about.

Posted by: rhonda | February 6, 2006 2:54 PM

7:52 - moments big as years!

Still stinging with Seahawk sickness in Seattle. Motor pity!

I wasn't as impressed with the commercials this year either.

I must be really warped. I loved the Ameriquest commercial where the guy kills the fly with the "paddles". I also loved the Sierra Mist with Jim Gaffigan. Too funny!

Thanks - I've been hoping someone would post the link. And it was YOU!!

BusyMom, did you root for the Steelers? If so, you are my new hero!

The stage: A thousand stage hands and techs...literally.
The sound: (Like Mick ever really sounded good) The engineer was mixing for a live show which means it probably sounded great in the stadium but all we got to hear at home was the monitor mix.

I'm amazed there's any time for actual programmes in between all those commercials!!!

at a cool $2,500,000 a pop, they made $102,500,000 in 3 short hours! a mere $34,166,666 an hour... now THAT'S what I call income!

It must be a guy thing but all the Budweiser commercials were funny. The careerbuilder one with the jack ass makes me laugh every time I see it. I guess I'm just really immature. Dad and one son unhappy Seattle lost, but happy Bus won, even though he played for Notre Dame (Go Blue).