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Charlie's Soap


Monday, February 6
Why the Comcast repairman won't be coming alone to our house anymore

Apparently, Busy Dad tried to talk the Comcast repair guy into taking our old dryer that is sitting in our foyer with him when he left. It was made a little worse by the fact that Busy Dad wasn't entirely sure what to tell the guy he was supposed to repair in the first place (I had made the appointment, but, I didn't get home in time).

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So I'm guessing you still have the dryer AND a problem with the cable? Notes. You gotta leave notes in these situations.

Don't you know by now that you can't leave men unsupervised! So, how is the new dryer?

Posted by: Monica | February 7, 2006 7:44 AM

Yes leave notes...always. *chuckle*

My husband works for comcast, he deals with your kind everyday! LOL!

I am laughing SO hard--but out of solidarity, sister!!! Take the old dryer with you when you go, Mr. Cable Guy? HAHAHAAAAAAA!!!!


Oh my God - this made me laugh outloud!

I guess he didn't take it?