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Charlie's Soap


Sunday, March 5
Oscar night and she's not dead, yet.

I just turned on the Oscars for a minute. It seems very awkward. I hurt for Jon Stewart. Perhaps I just turned it on at a bad time.

(W. T. F. is this American Express commercial in the restaurant?!)

(Ludacris is better than Jon Stewart, right now)

Anyway, Busy Girl is watching with me and I was commenting on the stars in the audience:

Me: "Wow, there's Dolly Parton."
Busy Girl: "It is not!"
Me: (wondering when she got to be a Dolly expert) "Yeah, yeah it is."
Busy Girl: "She's dead!"
Me: "Huh? No, really, she's sitting right there."
Busy Girl: "Oh. Wait. She's not the lady in the hat, is she?"
Me: "You mean Minnie Pearl?"
Busy Girl: "Yeah, Minnie Pearl, that's it. She's dead."

(Sonic commercial was pretty dang funny)

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What WAS that commercial? And this pimp song is bizarre. I'm so troubled.

Dang, Dolly looks good for a dead woman!

That commercial was with M. Night Shyamalan, director of all those creepy, out there movies like Sixth Sense and The Village.

I was thinking the same thing while it was happening, but I figured it out right before the waitress started talking to him.

Hey look at that! Now you have an Oscar in the family! Go Reese!

I am laughing so hard my sides hurt. Poor old Minnie Pearl and the Hee Haw gang. Dolly PArton is superfantastic, but Reese Witherspoon blew me away with her speech. Thats all I know, I watched tivod One Tree Hill in the middle I was so bored.

LOL! I LOVe Dolly Parton! Hubs was making fun of her, but man, that woman has some balls. :)

You mean I don't have to watch the superbowl to get commercials???? Why didn't someone tell me????

BTW - will be listing a couple of Coach and Dooney items on eBay tomorrow as well as new shoes (Bandolino, Nine West, Timberland, LL Bean, etc) if you are in need of a shopping fix! LOL - email if you want my user id!

Okay our funny Oscar moment this year: My husband went to pick up his tux for the event. The girl working at the shop commented how a number of people who had rented for the Oscars hadn't picked up their tuxes yet. She paused and looked at him and asked "do you work camera crew or something?" He says, "nah, I'm just one of the Academy's attorney's"

He told me the story with a chuckle and asked "what, don't I look famous?" (For you Christians out there, he looks a lot like Steven Curtis Chapman).

Last year's story is old news now, but it was a (thankfully unnoticed) wardrobe malfunction on the red carpet.

During one of the many movie montages, I was able to list all but 3 movies - Girlscout turned and looked at me and said I need a life. Sigh.

Dolly Parton is no longer living. Fortunately, all the parts that have been replaced by plastic surgery are still doing well.

Jon Stewart was smart enough to play up the awkwardness and make it part of his routine. Because awkward is what it's always about.

The most awkward moment by far was Lauren Bacall's problems with the teleprompter. She couldn't see it at all and I cringed and at times wondered if she was just going to stop and say "I can't do this."

And go Nashville! Dolly, Reese, Keith Urban sitting beside Nicole and Robert Altman honored for the movie "Nashville" all in one night? Overwhelming!

We dipped in and out of the Oscars courtesy the beloved and "what the hell did we do before we had it" Tivo. Watched the top...left...came back and fast forwarded through the boring was great!

Dolly probably would expire if she knew she was being mixed up with Minnie Pearl ;-)


go Reese!!! I thought she was the most "real" acceptor..

Yawn! This had to have been the most pathetic year for movies I can remember.

I remember when "Geisha" came out how the critics panned it and called it the "worst release with intentions of an Oscar ever"... and it walked away with 3? Just goes to show you how bad a year it was.

I couldn't even bear to tune it this year to watch it.

what was on?


gawd I remember seeing Dolly Parton in '9 to 5'

geez, maybe I'm dead too and the coffee buzz just hasn't worn off yet . . .

Posted by: Kel | March 6, 2006 9:41 PM

It's entirely possible Dolly Parton has passed away and it's just her man-made parts still walking around!

Our funny Oscar moment happened after my husband saw Naomi Watts. Keep in mind my husband is no home decorator type, so imagine how stunned I was to hear him ask "Why did that woman take the sheers off of her windows and wear them to the Oscars?"
Have a mentioned we don't even have window sheers? How did he know sheers even exist? He works for the government, he has a super high security clearance. Maybe this explains how he kept his decorator savvy from me all these years. After 15 years of marriage, we're still full o' surprises!