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Charlie's Soap


Thursday, March 23
Someday, it may be best not to know what they're doing

I didn't sleep well last night because Busy Girl spent the night out. Yes, I know that's stupid and I'm going to be in for some really long teenage years when they're gone all the time, but, I just prefer everyone at home in their own beds where I know what they're doing. Oddly enough, this got me thinking about the things we used to do in high school.

To appreciate this, you must remember that I was a good kid at an all-girls high school and this was way too many years ago. I hung out with a small group of friends pretty much all the time. This perhaps explains why I am somewhat socially retarded, they are good people, but, I'm thinking we should have branched out more. Anyway, we tried very hard to do "crazy" things, but, when you have to sit around and think about what "crazy" things you could do, it's probably a sign that, indeed, you are not as "crazy" as you imagine yourselves to be.

Back then, other than football games and dances, there weren't a lot of places where teenagers could just "hang out", so we made our own hang outs. Starting with school. At night. You see, we had a master key to the place. I don't really remember the origin of it, but, I'm thinking it had been acquired a few years before and bequeathed each year by a graduating senior to whichever poor suckers they left behind.

We'd go exploring on weekend nights. Usually this involved getting up on the roof of the building (made possible by a decorative wall and a low covered walkway beside it) and trying to make our way to some maintainence ladder that went up the side of the tallest structure. Other times, our adventures were inside the building. If you open up about 100 lockers at the same time and get a running start, stick your arm out and slam them shut in succession like dominioes, it makes a delightful noise. There was only one time during that ritual that a teacher was actually in the building working late. She never questioned how we got in that night. I'm thinking that if I asked her about it today, she'd probably tell me that she knew we were in there and was glad we were safe and not out getting into real trouble. There was also many a bowling match in the long hallway involving 2 liter Coke bottles (yeah, OK, the content might have served as mixers on occasion) with only one very messy mishap.

Sure, there were kids out and about getting into real trouble. For the most part, we weren't among them, our parents did a good job instilling values (now that I read back over this, perhaps our parents would have preferred us out comitting socially appropriate havoc rather than running around the roof of the school). I will eventually accept that my own children will be out doing things I'll never know about, heck, it may even be happening now, but I hope they will choose to do what's right. And, what's right doesn't usually involve using the same teacher signed, but, mistakenly undated "please excuse ___________ for being late to class" slip for, oh, say 3 years straight.

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Your children *will* find and read this.

LOL...this reminds me of the times my friends and I would visit the convent on a Saturday night and find the sisters kicked back watching baseball with pizza and brew. (at the other nun run all girl school in your neck of the woods that is no longer gender specific). They would only offer us pizza.

Posted by: mountainmama | March 23, 2006 1:25 PM

Maybe your lack of naughtiness will be hereditary?

I was Bad to the Bone and I am hoping it skips a generation (or two).

Maybe your lack of naughtiness will be hereditary?

I was Bad to the Bone and I am hoping it skips a generation (or two).

ok. i must be a big dork, because i am so awed by the sheer craziness of hanging out in the school at night. it would have creeped me out. that's wild child in my book, busymom! (it's a dull, dull book, huh?)

I was a good kid ~ and everything I did is still off limits for my daughter. When do you ever get sleep after you have kids?

I was a pretty good kid, but if my parents knew what I did as a kid, I wouldn't of had the pleasure of being a parent, 'cuz they would have sent me into next week.

Posted by: formerborodad | March 24, 2006 8:09 AM

Well I've done my share of mischief, like the time I skipped school (which involved going to McDonalds and waiting for my mom to leave for work and then going back home to wait for the school to call to see if I was sick) and going to the zoo (and NO animals were harmed in the performing of such mischief). Gee I hope MY DAD doesnt read your blog, cause he still doesnt know about THAT!

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