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Charlie's Soap


Saturday, April 15
Happy Birthday, Busy Baby!

In a few minutes, it will be exactly four years ago today that my Preschooler Formerly Known as Busy Baby was born.

It had been quite the hectic weekend, we had just gotten a new car, Busy Girl had made her First Communion and we had hosted a party, my MIL was here, and, I was scheduled to birth a baby surgically on Monday. But, on Sunday night of that weekend, I started feeling funny (in Wal-Mart of all places), and, by that evening it was clear I was in labor. Let me repeat: this was Sunday, I was scheduled for a c-section the following morning. I have babies removed, they don't come out down there. Labor was not on the agenda (note to whomever is getting ready to tell me how I'm endangering my children by having c-sections and medicine and stuff: whoa there, put down your keyboard, I don't have c-sections for convenience, babies get stuck down there, they don't come out, I've tried), so, I tried to wait it out until it was my scheduled time to go in, and, so my regular doctor would be back on duty.

Well, you can see where that idea got me when I tell you that we had to head to the hospital at 3:30am.

Upon my arrival, they promptly tried to kill me with an epidural, I guess it was too much medicine, I was tying to tell them I was seeing the light and dead relatives and stuff, when someone casually says, "Oh, I guess we should reduce the dose", I hurled and then St. Peter told me it wasn't my time.

The staff prepared me for surgery, and, when I got on the table in the OR (not an easy task in my state and unable to move my legs), it was clear that the table didn't work. So, they got another, and, I moved again, and, guess what? The second table didn't work, either. So, me and 10 or so of my new surgery friends waited for the 3rd table, and, when it got there, it wouldn't plug into the wall, it needed an adaptor. They politely declined my offer to run to Home Depot, and, eventually someone came back with the adaptor, and, we were in business.

Though we didn't find out the gender of the baby, it was widely (and, I do mean "wide") thought that I was having a girl . Even the hospital staff's unofficial calculations (heart rate, etc.) pointed toward me birthing a girl. So, when the baby was delivered someone says, "And, we have a...boy?", everyone in the room just kind of stopped for a second, and, then there was much rejoicing.

After we got home, we had a rough first few days when he got an infection and had to be hospitalized for 8 days. I'm not sure I've ever been as worried about anything in my life, but, all became well, and, now he's a happy, healthy little boy. Four year old, wow. Eventually we would have to tell Busy Boy that he wouldn't get a baby for his First Communion like Busy Girl, but, he settled for cupcakes instead.

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What an ordeal your Mama went through to have you. She knows how blessed she is and we know how much she loves you!

Have a wonderful all the cake you like and open all your presents with wild abandon. It's your day!!

Posted by: Candace | April 15, 2006 8:05 AM

Happy Birthday big guy! Let me tell you a secret... April birthdays are the BEST EVER! We are luckier than everyone else that had to be born in other months. Welcome to the "Cool" crowd!

First, let me say HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Four is an awesome age.

Second, 2002 must have been the year for labor before sections. I had the exact same experience. Except, I was eating Taco Bell when I knew it was happening! LOL!

Have a wonderful day and a great Easter!

Happy Birthday, Busy Not So Much A Baby Anymore But Will Always Be Momma's Baby Even When You're 43!!

Happy birthday Busy Young Man. Hope you have a wonderful day! And save some of the cupcakes for us.

Happy 4th Birthday Busy Baby!

Happy Birthday BB

Happy Birthday Busy Baby! Hope it's full of fun, hugs and cake!

Even better than a tax refund. Do they give you a big break if you have a baby born on 4/15?

I said it yesterday, cuz I was afraid I'd forget, but happy birthday dollface!

Keep your mom on her toes...Just think, maybe next year you can bring her coffee in one of your old sippy cups!

I can't believe you're so big...the first time I met you, you weren't even two. Wow.

I'm going because I'm all sentimental and I might cry.

Happy Birthday, Busy Baby!!!!

Happy Birthday sweetie!! Wow Birthday and Easter on the same weekend! Can you say sugar high?

Happy Birthday to the former Busy Baby! Busy Mom, my babies don't "come out down there" either, even though I've tried! And all my births were traumatic and stressful! But the babies were worth it! Have a great Spring birthday with your riotous little guy! (He cracks me up!)

Posted by: Jaycee | April 15, 2006 2:44 PM

Yippee! Happy happy birthday!

Maybe it's time to give him a new name!

Happy Birthday, PFKABB!!!

Four is my favorite age. Too old for the terrible two's (and three's), too young for the tween attitude. Enjoy it, Busy Mom!

Four! Wow! Happy birthday. :)

Just please keep him single 'til Baby can catch up! He's a total cutie.

You didn't say, but I trust this is the last. I'm really sorry you have to go through stuff like that, kiddo. Keep smiling.

Great story. You certainly went through a lot to have the little blessing. Be sure to tell him this story again on Mother's Day. Women go through so much to bring the next generation into existence.

Each year it seems that they grow up faster. My daughter is graduating from high school in five weeks. It seems like yesterday that we were launching her into pre-school, and now she is so grown-up and independent. How time flies.

Great story! Happy birthday BPFKaBB!

I had the same Walmart experience! I totally felt weird the entire time I was there.. then a few hours later I was in labor.. how funny.. Happy Birthday Busy Boy! My little girl is about to turn 1..sigh...sad sigh.. happy sigh..all of the above..

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! 4 is so grown up!

I love that story, especially the bit about St Peter telling you it wasn't your time. And the offer to run to Home Depot for the adaptor, which I can totally see you doing.

Happy Birthday, TPFKABB! Now how about updating your blog? Now that you're four and all.

It's hard to keep up on the Busy family and their growth. Pretty soon you'll have some busy pre-teens and teenagers. Fun times.

What a great birth story!

I can totally relate to your experience after he was born - Tyler was put back in the hospital with an infection at 6 days old and I TOTALLY FREAKED OUT. I would have jumped off of a roof if it hadn't been for my friends and my mom being there to hold my hand. It was THAT remember how it was. An experience I'm likely to never forget.

I had the same problem about the babies being able come out "down there" and had a C Section with our almost "gulp" two year old. One of my friends actually told me she was sorry that I didn't experience "real LABOR". I told her "Honey, I was in LABOR for 36 hours before God had mercy on me and I had a C Section." To be really honest I probably would not consider having another one without a scheduled C- Section, so knowing I can do it the old fashion way is just fine by me.

I had to have c-sections too, after labor the first time, but beautifully planned and scheduled the second time. I can't believe that bit about the tables not working! COME ON!! Happy 4th Birthday, Busy Baby (not a baby anymore...)!

I am late, but Happy Birthday Busy Preschooler!

Happy Brithday to Busy Baby. He was a baby when I visited this site for the first time :)

Hope you and your family had a great weekend.

Posted by: demi | April 18, 2006 12:20 AM

Happy Birthday Preschooler Formerly Known as Busy Baby. 4 is good.

Happy birthday Busy Kid. Sorry I'm a little late with the congrats, but, well your birthday is shared with one little DeeDee who was born just this past Saturday.

Hope you had a good one!