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Charlie's Soap


Wednesday, April 19
Weird Stuff III

I have been tagged by Wacky Mommy and Motherhood Uncensored, because, apparently, my weirdness abounds. There are previous revelations about me here and here for your reading pleasure, but, as hard as it is to believe, I've got more:

1. Things in the fridge have to be on their proper (as deemed by me) shelf. I will hunt you down if I find you have crammed something in the veggie drawer that doesn't go there. This rule can only be broken by me if I have an metric assload of groceries to put away, but, I will go back and arange things properly at a later time.

2. I am a landscape artist in my own mind. Thus far, my own mind has not translated to my own yard.

3. I don't play a band instrument, but, I've always wanted to be in a marching band.

4. I can spot 4 leaf clovers in an instant, I found a 5 leaf one day before yesterday. I once spotted one while I was riding a horse. Stopped to pick it up and freaked people out.

5. I have actually set my alarm clock on a day off or a weekend, just to have the satisfaction of turning it off and going back to sleep. I can't do it anymore, because, in my advanced age, I have trouble getting back to sleep after I wake uip.

6. I get way too hung up on including "just the right things" on memes like this

You in the third row. You, the one who is fooling with the PDA instead of listening to me, I'm tagging you for this one.

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Woot! Together we could make a beautiful lawn. I love looking at lawns and landscaping, but could never put anything into motion.

*snort* Metric Assload of Groceries *snort*

Hooray for busy mom. Perhaps you are sublimating your landscaping thoughts into your fridge organization. Kind of related... (or not...) :)

I agree, there is nothing better than having the luxury of turning OFF the alarm and going back to sleep. not that I ever DO that, but it sounds good...

I love this list. I turned the alarm off and went back to sleep just this a.m., coincidentally.

Great list! The four leaf clover thing is pretty amazing.

There's food in your fridge? ;)


So fortunate that my PDA is at home on my desk.....

DANG...already did the tag but mine wasn't as interesting!! LOL

Ah...I LOVE order! But are your clothes organized by color AND season in your closet? : )

Yes, I too have lots of amazing "stuff" kickin' around in my head that never makes it to fruition. Imagine what we women could do if we actually had time for fruition!

I love learning things about you :) I'm the same way about the fridge.

*hides PDA*

Whew... I don't have a PDA so it wasn't me. LOL.

Not too hung up. Just right. A fine list of assorted weirdities.

Okay, I'm somewhat blog-challenged and not up on I'm gonna post my 6 things on my own blog!!

Turning your alarm clock on on an off day?Are you nuts!

I was tagged by someone else, so I've done my list already on my blog. I don't think it's near as interesting as yours though.

Numbers 1, 2 and 6 I can so relate to!

I have been known to scream, "What?! Who put the leftovers in the butter's spot?!"

Exactly how much is a metric assload? Is it more or less than a butt-ton?

Phew - at least I know I'm not tagged - I don't even know what PDA stands for!

Okay, Thank God there is someone else that get all wrapped around the axel if something goes on the wrong shelve in the frig. Now, I can tell my husband that I am not completely weird and that I have a weird-kin-in- kind. Thank you!

So you're a fridge nazi, huh? LOL.

You know, you could be a majorette in a marching band, and carry a baton. You might get a better uniform that way, or your choice of capris.

The alarm clock thing? Wacko. Just plain nuts.

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