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Charlie's Soap


Thursday, April 20
I'm not talking to myself, it's um, a "hands-free" device. Yeah, that's it.

Come see me over at Metroblogging, I am, apparently, talking to myself over there lately.

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yes! go, y'all! there'a lots of good BusyMom there!

have not seen the Orchid raspberry lemonade, but Crystal Light makes an awesome one! as well as their raspberry tea! check them out !

yeah, uh, sorry about that.

I have been totally slacking lately, but then again I have been slacking on my own blog too.

Now where's your Tomkitten post? As far as the juice, I have absolutely no idea. Great posting.

Just back from a trip to Metroblogging.

We frequent Sam's often. We don't usually buy much at one time. Too much of a hassle - just getting the stuff into your car and then into the house.

Have a nice weekend.