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Charlie's Soap


Wednesday, September 20
Attempting to "how too" - now with more pie!

Many moons ago, I used to be able to write, I could even sound somewhat professional in those writings if I put my mind to it. I know! Don't worry, I just thought the same thing you did, it's OK.

Anyway, approximately 12 years and 19 days ago, that ability, as tenuous as it was, up and left me altogether. But, the trade-off was worth it.

But, every now and then, I get a wild hair and want to write something that's not about Target, being a walking soccer mom cliche, or, about my aging parents. So, I thought Darren's How to... Group Writing Project might be just the ticket to get me started.

I could write something related to health care, people would take me seriously, then. I could be on my way, I could be someone, I could be... I could be a "Writah" (you have to say that with a highbrow accent for it to work) and expand my writing horizons.

So, I sat down to write something that a real "writah" would write.

And I sat some more.

Still sitting. Got pie and sat again.

Got over myself and wrote this, instead. Here goes:


"How to Write a 'How-To' " by Busy Mom

1. Decide that you want to branch out and tell people how to do things in writing as well as in person.

It's best if you have experience in telling people how to do things in person. People love that kind of thing, trust me. I mean, Busy Dad appreciates it so much, sometimes he even says a little prayer when I do it. It goes something like, "Jesus, woman!" We won't go into the theological dilemma of him calling Jesus a woman, maybe later.

2. Sit down at the computer.

3. Get back up for more pie.

4. Decide what you want to tell people how to do, but, then remember it's a family oriented project and you shouldn't talk about that. Shame on you.

5. Back to the drawing board.

6. Try to write something techy and relevant about Web 2.0.

7. Stop laughing when you realize you know nothing technical and you're probably too old to write something technical or edgy and snarky.

8. Stop crying while you get more pie. (Note to self: be sure "pie" isn't something crude in Aussie slang since you're submiting this to ProBlogger)

9. Try to figure out something that lots of people might like to know how to do and how you can break it down step by step.

10. Wait some more after you realize your post about chickenwire and haggis is going nowhere.

11. Write about the other "how to" entries at Problogger while you finish off the pie.

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I'm hungry for pie now.

Posted by: Cathy | September 20, 2006 6:13 PM

Pie is not crude! They might think you mean a meat pie, though.

However, you'll get laughs if ever say you're "rooting" for someone.

Seriously, I was reading your post with much attention until I got to the Pie part. Then I could no longer concentrate on what you were writing ... and started scanning the rest of your post for what kind of pie? See, you are a captivating writah!

I agree with Judi...I think you've got your topic all wrong. It should be a "how to" about "how to get a piece of Busy Mom's pie" :)

How to eat pie!

I am absolutely cracking up - woke the baby up, but thanks for the laughter! You got me with "Jesus Woman" ~ I feel so much better knowing that sentiment is a little "prayer of gratitude"

Posted by: beachmom | September 21, 2006 1:25 PM

Now I want pie!! Our how-to is up as well if you'd like to check it out!!

nice one! .... yes i too am hungry for pie now. I think that was what I was missing when I was writting my "how-to"...! :-)

Apple pie is the best with Ice cream and warmed up abit. Your site is really nice looking! Good contribution to the Group Writing Project. My How To is up also.

Oh dear. Thank you so much for writing this, I really needed a chuckle this morning. You have made my top 10.

I'd love to hear what you think of my entry as well. *smile*(