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Charlie's Soap


Wednesday, October 4
Happy CB Day!

10-4, good buddy. Yes, I am old, what of it?

Anyway, I have arrived safely, and, unlike last year, my luggage was first off the carousel. Things are starting out well better than last year.

Off to be a tourist, now!

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Have a good trip - glad your luggage made it!
Happy CB Day to you too!

Breaker breaker, good buddy, there's a smokey at your back door.

10-4 I see tht yokel local and will be puttin' the pedal to the metal.

That's about all I know. Foreign languages were always difficult for me.


It's Tara from long ago! I'd make some lovely excuse about where I have been, but the truth is, life just happened and time got a way from me.

Tonight, I was watching a moment of t.v. and saw your most hated commercial, the head-on ad. Only now, it has been modified for the great Busy Mom! Yup, you are not the only person to hate that ad, in fact, the new ad features a man who states "I hate your ad, but I LOVE your product." I cracked up laughing when I saw it and instantly thought of you!

Have fun on your girl's trip, know that you have been thought of and kept in my prayers, despite my long absence!


Posted by: Tara | October 4, 2006 9:50 PM

I so wanted a CB... and a Trans Am back in my youth while watching Smokey and the Bandit... (hanging head in shame) The Dukes of Hazzard.

Glad to hear all went well with the travel.