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Charlie's Soap


Thursday, October 12
I'm not just an employee, I'm a customer, too!

I was in line for breakfast this morning here at Minor Medical Center (home of the greatest made to order omlettes, evah!, btw) and I noticed the lady in front of me ordered bacon AND sausage, a biscuit, gravy and eggs.

When she turned around, I saw the embriodered logo on her shirt that said, "Cardiovascular Surgery".

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LOL! That's like near where my dad lives in Florida, there was a Cardiovascular Center/Heart Specialist center right next door to the main hospital, and it was reputed to be excellent. But right next door to them was a Burger King. And it was ALWAYS full of doctors and nurses. I think the last time I visited the Burger King was finally gone (maybe somebody finally took notice, huh?)

Posted by: Bob | October 12, 2006 1:03 PM

Nothing like creating your own job security!

Right after we realized that my sister in law was in a life-or-death struggle with a lung infection, about half her siblings ran out to have a smoke.

They CLAIMED the cellular reception is better outside, but c'mon.

That's almost as bad as walking past a group of employees from the Respiratory Care department smoking like there's no tomorrow ;~)

Irony is awesome.

That's wat you call a walking advertisement!

Yea, and then she stepped out for a cigarette? She must be in the center's marketing guru, drumming up business and all.

That is hilarious! Job security for sure.

Ack! Maybe she knows something we don't know.

Its like my Diet Coke/M&M breakfast, you know?


Reminds me of my days working at a Cardiac Cath Lab. My co-workers called one of their favorite breakfasts from the MC cafeteria the "LAD Slammer."

Posted by: Lorel | October 13, 2006 8:21 AM

yes, she's the main candidate and is letting everyone know it!