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Charlie's Soap


Friday, October 27
Not painting the town tonight

If you are in my city and looking for eligible males over the age of 70, they are apparently all at Krystal this morning.

Shut up, there's free wifi.

1st older gentleman: "You takin' care of the grandkids tonight?"
2nd older gentleman: "Yup."
1st older gentleman: "So, I guess we're not running around town tonight?"
2nd older gentleman: "Nope."

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LOL! What's sad, though, is they probably would have more exciting plans than me! ;)

Men over the age of 70 run around these here parts on a Friday night?? I knew there was a reason I generally stay home! Though it sounds like tonight's the night to paint the town red if those two cronies won't be "running around"!


Aww...bummer that they can't take the grandkids with them. What exactly do 70 year olds to to run around anyway - hot night at the bingo parlor?