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Charlie's Soap


Saturday, December 30
What gender is your brain?

Well, alrighty, then. I've got some 'splainin' to do to my husband.

Take this quiz to see if you think like a man or a woman.

You'll need a ruler with millimeters. No, silly. Not for what you're thinking. Eeeew!

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Well, my score was definitely on the female side, but lower than the women's average. Except mine wasn't entirely accurate because my fingers are too small and short! Apparently they don't think grown women do have fingers under 10 mm long.

Just what I thought:

More male than female, but below average on the ooga-booga scale.

Their scale is hard to read, but I'd guess I scored a 20 on the maleness side, while the average man scored a 50.

But I was pleased to know that I perfered feminine faces.

Just re-posting to clear up the rumors of my mental retardation... thanks B-Mo for clearing up the ruler deal for me! My hands are small but obviously not that small. Never was very good in math, heh heh.

Fun quiz and good way to while away a lazy rainy Saturday afternoon, thanks for posting it!

I scored the same as Lynnster in that I was on the female side, but below the average. I also always seemed to land in the categoriesof 50/50 male female brain so I guess I'm both. :-)

(And there's the smilie!)

Scored on the male side. Wonder what that means? Might explain quite a bit in my life up to this point. BusyMom, you should tally your readers' responses to this. I wonder if you have more female or male-brained readers?

Posted by: Carolyn | December 30, 2006 8:33 PM

My score reflected my "I had a few drinks tonight". I did good on the first test then went completely downhill from there. *burps*

I, apparently, am asexual. I scored a zero...right between the man and woman. Hmm. Who knew?

Er, I would be sexless as I scored an exact 0! How to explain my preferences for masculine faces?

Lynn did you measure in cm by accident? Because I did at first, too...

You just wanted to get that risque comment out there, didn't ya.