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Charlie's Soap


Sunday, June 10
The Class of 1982

This weekend was my 25th high school reunion.

Sounds old, huh? (Shut up, that was where you were supposed to say, "No, it doesn't!")

I went to an all-girls school, and, our reunion activities were just the girls this year.

Friday night, we gathered at a classmate's mansion house for margaritas and Mexican food.

As I pondered just where I might have taken the financial wrong turn that rendered me living in a house that smells vaguely of something that died in the basement rather than a house with actual paintings with little lamps over them, and, a room just for the television, I thought to myself, "Damn, when are we going to eat?"

We had a pretty good turnout of 22 or so, people, out of a graduating class of 50 (I think), even had two of the Sisters (actual nuns, not Sistas) come to the festivities.

Though class reunions get a bad rap for whatever reason, I can say that I truly had a lot of fun.

Our class was a particularly good one, and, though some pretend not to care, we have all shared somewhat of a bond over all these years.

As a matter of fact, it is of note that our small planning group was able to account for the majority of our classmates, both the in-town, and, out of town ones, in one sitting without a lot of research.

At the risk of sounding like the ending of a Brat Pack movie, it was really cool that people who didn't hang out together in school, were sharing things about their jobs, or, their families, and, some easily picked up right where they left off 25 years ago.

I found myself truly interested in everyone's replies to, "What are you doing now?", and, I learned a lot about a couple of people I didn't know quite as well.

It was interesting to see how conversation themes have changed over the years.

When we gathered at 5 years, the conversation was dominated by jobs, engagements and weddings.

Ten and 15 years were all about pregnancies, children, and, graduate schools.

I have no idea what we talked about at our 20 year reunion since I had just had a baby, and, was wondering how I was going to stay awake through the whole thing.

This past weekend was a weird mix of raising teens, aging parents, divorce, and, "Wow. you have a 2 year old?"

See? I do not have the youngest kid.

Despite the stereotype of a 25th reunion, everyone pretty much looked the same.

I'm told it's the 40th where everyone starts to fall apart ;)

On Saturday, we gathered at school for a luncheon, and, many, many pictures of which I took none.

Currently taking bets as to how many unflattering and/or bizarre pictures of me will make it into the next campus newsletter.

We also paid tribute to two classmates who died. It's odd that we had 2 deaths before our 15 year reunion, once from cancer, and, one in an accident.

The weekend has come and gone. It was fun, but, it was also my mental gateway to the rest of the summer.

I've been saying, "Oh, that's a long way off, I don't have to worry about X, Y, and, Z (nothing mysterious, just mundane stuff that usually costs a bunch of money) until after the reunion."

And, well, here come X, Y, and, Z.

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Seems like there is always an X, Y, and Z..... Anyway, glad your reunion went well!

Say, I should be going to MY 25th next year... I'm glad you had a good time!

Sounds like a pleasant experience - its special to have gone to an all girls school.

That sounds like a good time. My 20th is in October and I can't decide whether or not I want to go. We had a small class, about 75. Real cliquish and I wasn't in the cool clique at all. But after 20 years, surely things change, right?!

I'll let you know if it is true about the 40th in a few months...assuming that I can get license plates for my walker *grin*

I suspect that the view of reunions closely reflects how fondly you remember high school.

Me, I have no fond memories tied to the High School I attended, and won't step inside or anywhere near the building ever again.

Even the few friends I did have, are long since nothing more than distant memories, and to be honest, I couldn't give a rat's patootie about any of the rest of them.

The only thing that I really have felt sad about, was long ago (about 5 years after graduation) when I met up with one old friend, and we went over how many from our class we had lost in those 5 years. Out of a class of 201, more than 20 had died in those 5 years. (The first being just hours after graduation).

So, while I am glad you enjoyed your class reunion, I am the poster boy of why they get, as you called them... "a bad rap"

Sounds like a great group of women!

My 20th is in late July and like Renee, I'm on the fence about going. I was in the geeky paper staff/good girl clique, if there is such a thing. I still get together for lunch with my best friend and let's just say that if I want to see everyone else, I just go to my hometown Walmart.

OK, I'll go along. No, it doesn't sound old!

Then again, I'm two years past my college 25th. And trust me--people looked different. But it was coed and we did notice that the women had held up better. It's all in the hair. Dye and lack of balding makes a huge difference.

I don't know, I think "Y" is going to be a heck of a lot of fun. Don't know about X & Z though.

I graduated from high school 32 years ago. There were over 600 in my senior class. Like JayMonster, I've never considered going to a reunion and likely never will. High school was not exactly a fun experience and certainly isn't something I have any nostalgia about. The only thing I have in common with 99% of my classmates was that we spent a few years in the same school almost a lifetime ago.

Posted by: Larry J | June 11, 2007 2:01 PM

Aw, see? You make it sound so inviting! However, judging from the emails and stuff I'm getting for my 20th, I can pretty safely say no thanks. Apparently, living in Texas means you have an excuse not to ever leave the stereotypical high school mentality behind. I'm choosing not to participate.

But you make it sound so nice!

Doesn't sound nearly as old when you consider I graduated from college in 1982 and married my college sweetheard just seconds later.

sweetheart... I meant sweetheart

'82 was a rockin' year. I got married on spring break and then graduated a couple of months later. (No, I didn't "have" to get married.)

My class had over 500 kids in it and frankly, the thought of traipsing back down to Daytona for a reunion with a bunch of folk I barely knew (and don't know at all, now) holds no real appeal.

If I ever did/do go to a reunion, it will be to brag that "Yes, we're still married and HAPPY!"

So true. I was in the class of '83, so next year's 25 for me... I went to the 20th. Might skip the 25th and go again for 30. It really does sneak up on us!