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Charlie's Soap


Saturday, June 30
Greetings from Then

First, iPhone, iPhone, iPhone.

There, I might as well get in on the mad search traffic for that one.


We have a lot of activity coming up in the next few weeks that will require loads of preparation.

I've been sort of putting it off because of other activities, and, this weekend looked like a good time to dive into it.

So, I've been telling myself, "I'll just do it then."

Welcome to "then".

Funny, I'm not really wanting to do it "then", either.

We have back to back road trips coming up, but, before we go on the second one, we have to pick up Busy Girl from camp, come home, dump off her stuff, and, get on the road for 8 hours.

After we return from that one, the very next morning we take Busy Boy to camp.

So. Right now?

I have to:

-pack Busy Girl's stuff for trip #2,
-shop for, and, completely pack Busy Boy for 3 weeks of camp
-pack for trip #1
-buy stuff (groceries, etc.) for trip #2, pack for trip #2, for, we only have a day (and, I have to work) between #1 and #2
-shop for Busy Boy's birthday which will happen during trip #2

This doesn't even account for general preparations, and, house puttering that must be done before going on any vacation, such as stopping the mail, getting someone to feed the pets, and, whatever it is that Busy Dad does for hours on end before we go somewhere.

Can be done? Sure.

But, like any good game show, there's a catch.

I have to do it all with a vaguely dissatisfied 5 year old (he's still not used to this "summer" thing), as my MIL has just announced that she is going back home this morning.

Did I mention Busy Dad, and, Busy Boy are backpacking?

I'm sure a lovely time is being had by all, but, they will return this evening, and, I'll be glad to see them, but, my subconscious will only be able to see a large laundry basket on wheels full of muddy clothes needing to be washed, and, backpacks full of miscellania that, for some reason, will need to be spread out on the living room floor upon their return.

Backpackers, you see, must (it's in the Backpacking Code of Ethics, I think) spread their stuff out on the floor, and, well, look at it, as far as I can tell.

There is also some regulation that states it cannot be collected, and, put away until an even day of an odd month when Mercury is in retrograde.

Wait, that might be next week, but, we'll be gone. Curses!

Can I get it all done, and, keep the Not Yet Kindergartener Formerly Known as the Preschooler Formerly Known as Busy Baby in soup at the proper pace?

Stay tuned.

Hey, come see me at GenBetween, and, Career and Kids! Please? No, really, please? What if I give you candy?

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Does mom ever get to go to camp? I would like to sign up for Mommy Camp where mom's don't have to worry about, well, worrying about everyone else.

Go, Busy Mom, go! We're rooting for you. We don't envy you, but we're rooting for you. :)

Keeping track of your numbers is as hopeless as you or cadre of friends overwhelming my site.

Is anyone in your family a "not yet" something?

Sorry I'm annoyed. Lost my keys. Long story.

"the Not Yet Kindergartener Formerly Known as the Preschooler Formerly Known as Busy Baby"


Mr M. returned from the big fishing extravaganza on June 19th - all gear was finally packed away (after being laid out & looked at on the dinning room floor) on July 1st. Apparently it doesn't just apply to back packers...

I hate it when "Then" arrives.

Kind of makes you want to be a guy and believe in the "laundry fairy". You know, the magic being who makes dirty laundry disappear, then reappear clean and in all the right places.