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Charlie's Soap


Saturday, June 30
Spacy Thoughts

I always cry at Apollo 13, and, tonight was no exception.

During the splashdown scene, it occurred to me that there may be more people who don't know about the excitement of a splashdown than people who do know.

If you don't even know what the "splashdown" was, don't tell me.

Though I now get excited at a Space Shuttle launch because it's cool, and, I have a cousin who was a shuttle astronaut (trivia!), but, an Apollo mission's return to earth was the original "must see TV".

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The first time I saw that movie was in a movie theater (shocker; ME at a movie theater?!) with my PARENTS!? (that's unheard of!). We all cried at the splashdown scene. I still get goose bumps and tears at that scene, though I've seen the movie plenty of times (we have the DVD).

Posted by: VJ | June 30, 2007 11:35 PM

I remember tthe actual event. Even though I knew how the movie woul end, I sat, wiith my children ,on the edge of ur seats until the capsule came throuh the atmosphere.

The sound on that DVD is AWESOME!

I love that movie. It is so poignant to the battles of life. How it takes all of us together to bring a life home.

I get the lump in the throat at the end of that picture every damn time.

I ran into a bar in NY where the saying was "Gimme a bourbon and splash." That was before spaceships, though.

PS Gary Senise rules. I love that guy. Did you ever see "The Stand" miniseries?

I love that movie!

I love that movie!

Yes! Excellent scene! The From the Earth to the Moon series was great too!

Great scene in a great film.
Do you remember the 80's news program "Our World" with Linda Ellerbee? They did a wonderful segment on Apollo 13 - perfect background music, stock film footage, etc. It gave me chills.

Posted by: nashvegas | July 3, 2007 8:42 AM

I remember it actually happening and I nearly lost it the first time I saw that movie. I've seen it more times than I can count, had the tape and now have the DVD.......I love it