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Charlie's Soap


Friday, July 6
Home again, home again

Hey there, hi there, ho there.

No, I'm not calling you a "ho".

It's you, over there. Ho there.

We have returned, and, are currently preparing for the next leg of our summer journey.

A good time was had by all in lovely Gateway to the Midwest.

As always, the Fourladsnme family were gracious hosts, and, we partook of all things Fourth of July.

Let's play a game.

I'll name five things.

You tell me which of the following did we NOT do over the Fourth of July holiday?

a. Tried to catch chickens
b. Created a cocktail and deemed it the "John Denver"
c. Ate there and got gas
d. Received a verbal bitchslap from a Fourth of July parade marcher
e. Got in a huge traffic jam at a fireworks show
f. Got our kicks on Route 66

What's your guess?

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You came to St Louis? MAN! Next time tell me so I can wave in your general direction as your speeding west on 64.

I say you didn't get your kicks on route 66, even though it goes through St Louis.

I'm beating you did all of them.
Really would have liked to have seen you try to catch chickens and recieve a verbal bitchslap from a Fourth of July parade marcher.
Please elaborate.

You didn't eat at Stuckey's.
(Not even the Pecan Log Roll? I love those.)

I'm guessing you didn't eat there, but got the gas anyway. Can't wait for you to elaborate!

I am going with John Denver... since I can't figure out which items would fill up my sense like a night in the forest.... a mountain in springtime, like a walk in the raiiiiiiiiiiin...

all of 'em.

My guess would be "f" Route 66. I am with Southern Bell. Would love to see pictures of you chasing chickens and the parade marcher episode.

Please say you went to the City Museum while you were in St. Louis. We were there for the 4th, and we did and it was fabulously fun.

Also, I say C - you did not eat there and get gas.

Can we get the cocktail recipe?

Posted by: carolyn | July 6, 2007 12:36 PM

I don't think you got no kicks, honey! But knowing your family, it doesn't take much to get kicks out of y'all!!!

But I'm going with the Route 66

I'm guessing C - too logical.

Posted by: Judy | July 6, 2007 1:11 PM

I say "c" didn't eat there and get gas.

and btw...there are 6 thing in your list, not 5. :P

I will go #1

Posted by: Liz | July 7, 2007 1:09 AM

I'm guessing all of them!

And I gave you an award over on my blog. Hope you don't mind...

Stuckey's still exist?

Posted by: Libby | July 7, 2007 4:34 PM

Funny girl! Enjoyed the post.

Tried to catch chickens?

Tried to catch chickens?

I have been reading yoru blog for awhile now.. Awesome blog

btw.. I have tagged you