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Charlie's Soap


Sunday, July 8
Holiday Road

So. Here we are on Trip #2.

After a 10 hour drive, we're at the beach!

On dial up.

Sadly, one reason we I picked this place was that it had wireless Internet.

I can connect, but, the Internets don't do nothin' when I open a browser.

Anyone care to chime in? Anyone? Bueller?

I demand to be able to blog from the deck!

We are staying in a lovely place, there's hardly anyone here. The beach is massive, yet, there's no one on it.

Well, except for another family we know from the kids' school. We ran into them at the grocery this morning, and, again on the beach this evening.

Turns out they're staying just a few houses away. Who knew?

Now, perhaps the Dissatisfied Youth will have people to play with.

Hmm. I missed some places with the sunscreen today.

No, you don't want to see, trust me.

Oh, hey, were you looking for the answers to Friday's quiz?

You weren't?

Oh, you were too. You're so funny.

Here are the answers:

Which of the following did we NOT do over the Fourth of July holiday?

a. Tried to catch chickens - TRUE - We went here, and, turns out the kids may have been just as entertained staying at home, and, chasing the neighbor's chickens.

b. Created a cocktail and deemed it the "John Denver" - TRUE - Happened upon a concoction of lemon vodka, lemonade, and, cranberry juice when we were in a hurry to grab some adult drinks for consumption during the parade.

We named them the "John Denver" even though it probably already has a name, in honor of the traditional singing of the John Denver songs on the Fourth of July.

What? You don't sing John Denver songs during fireworks? You should try it.

c. Ate there and got gas - TRUE (ish) - Fourladsnme bought a vintage metal sign kinda like this one

d. Received a verbal bitchslap from a Fourth of July parade marcher - TRUE DAT - I was minding my own business during the parade when a controversial organization walked by. (Don't even start me on how I feel about this crap. Does everydamnthing have to be a "statement"?)

They offered me a brochure, and, I just said, "No, thanks".

I wasn't intending to make a statement of my own, and, I wasn't even paying that much attention to her, when she yelled, "Gee THANKS, nice scowl, there!"

Wtf? If I wanted to scowl at her, I could have done a lot better than that.

Despite having a couple of some of John Denvers on board, I managed to keep my cool.

e. Got in a huge traffic jam at a fireworks show - FALSE - The Fourladsnme Family live in such a spot that we could see at least 5 professional fireworks shows from the yard.

f. Got our kicks on Route 66 - TRUE - Fourladsnme were trying to go shopping since we were the lone estrogen in the house (Busy Girl was at camp, and, Fourladsnme has, well, all lads).

We left the house, and, got to the Interstate, and, it was all kinds of backed up from an accident. We had to turn back since that's the only way out, and, we were kinda bored.

Since we were actually on what used to be Route 66, we went to the Route 66 museum, instead.

Fascinating, eh?

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Hi! I had the same problem with my wireless connection when I first took my laptop to work. My husband (a network engineer for the military) told me to un-install my network card (control panel/add-remove programs), then restart my computer, and then the computer would recognize it as new and you could re-install it and it would recognize the new wireless network. It worked! Just a suggestion! Email me if you need more help.

How strong is your connection on the wireless? That can have a lot to do with functionality.

Hey, look at me! I sound like I know what I'm talking about!

Must be Monday - I'm scary that way.

Posted by: Judy | July 9, 2007 7:16 AM

No advice from here, as I am just now having my first outdoor Internet experience with my new laptop. Hope you get it figured it out!

I spent entirely too much time fiddling with the stupid Internet connection that did not want to work when I was in Disney.

My advise, if it ain't working, ignore the dang thing for a couple of days and enjoy the vacation.

Can you unplug and replug the router? Good luck.

Yes, truly fascinating stuff. Seriously, I'm in awe. :)

Grant....Grant....Grant....ummm.....Wasn't he the one that made Teapot Domes famous, or something like that?

That's a swell gas and gas sign, by the by.

Pass me a "John Denver!"

Userful blog. Thanks!