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Charlie's Soap


Wednesday, October 10
Wiggles Update

Since I get an inordinate amount of searches for The Wiggles, so, here's an update on the Wiggles' journey without Greg Page.

I aim to serve.

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My therapist said I was making GREAT progress, dealing with Steve leaving. And then? THIS.


gasp! I was actually wondering about him the other day.

Thank you for your informative post on the issues that affect us all. ;)

That must be why Big Lots has a new load of Wiggles DVDs for $4 apiece.

The Six Flags park here in NJ opened a "Wiggle's World" here this year. When we went earlier in the year, all the pictures were of Greg. By the time we returned in the fall, they had a 50/50 mix.

It is always nice to find a way to work in the word inordinate.

You rule.