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Charlie's Soap


Thursday, November 22
Black Friday Shopping

For reasons you'll hear more about later, I'm going to be mixed up in the Black Friday crowds at omgwtf o'clock in the morning.

However, I'll probably be wishing I was in my bed, instead.

If you are inclined to shop at home tomorrow, be sure to note that Amazon has Black Friday deals going on, and, they also have a Customers Vote page where you vote for the deal you want in each of six rounds.

Whichever deal gets the most votes will be offered to a limited number of randomly selected customers who voted for that particular deal.

This year's potential winning deals include a Nintendo Wii for $79, a Panasonic HD camcorder for $299, and a Razor electric scooter for $29.

Please win the Wii and give it to me for Christmas so I can get good enough to beat Busy D. at a video game.

Any video game.


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I'm so gonna steal "omgwtf o'clock"

Stay at home and shop, find free shipping deals at, at most sites you can save on sales tax too.

Don't bother with omgwtf o'clock. Sleep in, shop online.

Posted by: Katy | November 23, 2007 3:38 PM

I am so ticked that I missed the Wii vote! I'd surely have given it to a couple of years.

I thought about going at o'dark hundred myself since we need a new VCR/DVD combo, but decided to sleep in instead.

I missed the wii vote too, and if you read the reviews you'll see a lot of other people did too. I just blogged about my shopping experience today. I didn't get the Wii today because I already got one last month! I actually had a chance to buy two. Want to know how?

I will never shop BF again. I shall live it vicariously through you. :)