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Charlie's Soap


Saturday, November 24
We gave thanks and then bought stuff

I survived the Black Friday sale at Best Buy, it was actually kind of fun, if you can believe that.

However, I can confirm that 3:33 in the morning is very early to be awake and dressed. The hotel staff thought I had been out all night. Not sure if that was sympathy or a compliment.

I'll write more about it later, and, there'll even be a few pictures at Busy Mom Reviews when I locate one of my 134 USB cords since I'm at the Road Headquarters right now while Busy Girl is at basketball practice, and, the kids have managed to lose or hide all of said cords.

Oh, and, it turns out my little girl is a chip off the ol' block, she got up with her friend's family and went out to the malls at 5am, too.

*sniff* I am so proud of her.

Let's see, I think I'm behind on a few things here.

We have a new arrival in the family.

Busy Van IV came to live with us this past Wednesday.

Busy Van I and Vanna White went to live on a farm where they can drive free, and, be with their friends.

Pictures? Sure, see cord issue above. I'll get them up as soon as I can.

Also, y'all are wonderful, did you know that?

Since we really weren't planning on purchasing a car the month before Christmas, it was a bit of a financial stretch, and, I received several car leads from you guys, thank you!

Thanksgiving was...Thanksgiving.

Long time readers will appreciate the fact that we once again celebrated in the Little Cabin on the Major Highway.

This is Busy Dad's family holiday, and, we drug my dad on the 2 hour journey (in the new-to-us Busy Van IV) with us for the second year in a row.

I have no idea what he thinks about it, but, suffice to say it's different than what he's used to.

But, hey, if he comes with us, then I don't have to do Thanksgiving all over again the next day when we used to celebrate with my parents.

The good: food
The bad: it got c-o-l-d
The ugly: MIL got into the champagne

It's getting awkward though, because Busy Girl is old enough to realize that this fine group of people (I mean that) is also kind of (with the exception of Busy Dad and one brother), well, of strong Rural-American descent.

I was not sure how to respond to her statement to me, "I sure wish you had more family, sometimes."

Busy Boy and Busy D. don't care, though.

As long as there are chickens to chase outside and someone shows up with a dead deer in the back of a pick-up truck, they're good with it.

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Your Thanksgiving sounds way more interesting than ours. At ours: They come, they eat, they leave and not one dead deer nor any any champagne to liven things up.

Glad you found a Van!

In our family... we call that redneck hillbilly... or our Tennessee family says "oh, they are from EASTERN Tennessee." apparently, that makes a difference!


My dear daughter said she wished we didn't have as much family. We're on "THE LIST" with MIL for not coming this year, since it was my family's turn, and my darling sister and her family were in top form. I've never heard any couple speak so harshly to each other, except for maybe my mom & stepdad ;-) I guess its hereditary, and boy am I glad that gene skipped me!

Posted by: Angela | November 24, 2007 3:56 PM

Much more fun than mine, nothing dead, except the turkey, there was some adult beverages ad plenty of whiny kids!!!!

Ha, I can relate -- I have no family on my side sans an aunt and uncle in another state that we rarely see so every holiday is a "fun" time with the in-laws...

Posted by: prescott | November 24, 2007 8:26 PM

Sounds like a wonderful Thanksgiving! I didn't do the Black Friday thing but I really thought about it. Both of my daughters (13 and almost 9) will not get out of bed that early and the 13yo hates to shop. Can you believe that? The 9yo loves to shop but she asks way too many questions when we shop together. She still has to learn how to streamline her shopping when she's out in the black friday crowd! LOL!

I say "hurray" for rural family. I even get to boast rural family and foreign heritage!
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