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Charlie's Soap


Sunday, November 25
Time doesn't keep on slippin' slippin' slippin' into the future

It's cold and rainy, and, the kids have been especially whiny and argumentative today.

I've been working around the house doing some major cleaning of things that need cleaning while they try their best to kill me.

In my travels in and out of the kitchen, I sort of noted the time on the wall clock, and, marveled how early it was.

I'm still having trouble with this time change thing, and, it seems like it ought to be midnight right now.

The last time I went in the kitchen to referee yet another fight, I again noted the time and lamented, "It's like time is standing still. Will this day never end? It's been 5:10 forever!!

And. indeed it had been 5:10 for quite a while.

The clock had stopped.

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Must be one of those at my job.

I went the opposite way today, where I seemed to at one point have lost an hour... or so I thought. As it turns out, when we moved back the clocks, neither TheWIfe or I moved back the one clock on the Thermostat. Glancing at that, I became panicked that we were running "late" for Sunday School. Only to get there and realize that the building was still closed (we are only next door fortunately) because as I now looked at the clock on my phone to realize we were 50 minutes EARLY! Sheez.

I seriously laughed out loud at this! Soooo something that would have happened to me. I would of course think it's just been the same time forever instead of thinking that there was something wrong with the clock! I hope tomorrow goes faster for you!

I am so relieved to know that I am not the only one who is constantly monitoring fights, time standing still or not.

"While they try their best to kill you!" They are relentless aren't they.

It's 5:10 o'clock somewhere doesn't exactly roll off the tongue...but it has implications you might consider :)

The clock on my desk has read 6:35 for almost a year now. It's right twice a day at least.

I feel the same way today!! Mom's especially working mom's are just never stopping!

My clock doesn't actually stop at 10:30 a.m., it just seems that way.

I have been doing some major cleaning at my house too!

This is so funny, I also laughed out loud...and let me just tell you that I really needed that today, so thank you!



LOL I had that happen to me on Sunday! I thought my eyes were that bad because I knew I wasn't seeing the time correctly, but my husband let me know that indeed my eyes WERE that bad because the clock had died some days ago.

I have a similar story that is funny now but at the time had me in tears.

I was online one day and looked up at the clock to notice that it was like 3:50. Well I continued what I was doing thinking that I had plenty of time until I had to pick up my hubby from work. Well the cable box had not updated the time due to a blown transformer. When it came back up I noticed it was 6pm (he gets off at 5!) I rushed my barefoot son and I to the car and headed towards his work. I found him walking up the street from his work trying to get home. I felt so bad that when I pulled up to pick him up I was in tears.

Lesson Learned: Never trust the cable box clock, it can be wrong!