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Charlie's Soap


Friday, November 28
Hey, you kids, get offa my lawn.

Many moons ago, the day after Thanksgiving used to be one of my favorite days, ever.

Everyone's family obligations were over, and we were all free and clear to "go out".

People were in town from being away at school, and as we got older, everyone came home from their new lives elsewhere and it was time to reminisce.

There were traditions to look forward to: a board game night here, a touch football game there, an annual poker game.

What? You thought I was talking about all bars, all the time?

Pshaw, you can totally fit more than one activity in in a night.

No matter what went on, you looked forward to making plans with friends, being surprised by unexpected sightings and hoping to run into that special someone you hadn't seen all year.

However, that "special someone" thing did backfire one year when Busy Dad and I had first started dating.

I had gone to his family's Thanksgiving for the first time, and when we went out that night we ran into someone who apparently hadn't been informed she was no longer the "special someone".

Didn't seem to upset her too much. I believe I even still have a photo of us (me and her) together that night.

Mine and Busy Dad's relationship started off a little crazy, I'll leave it at that.

So, the Thanksgiving weekend still holds fond memories for me and I still feel the urge to get out and do something, but the whole kid thing puts a different spin on that.

These days, I know people are busy with their own families and their siblings, etc., but the whole only child thing I got going on sorta rules that out.

But, how in the world did it turn into this?

Busy Girl's out doing something, the boys are arguing downstairs, I have no idea what Busy Dad is doing and I've been in my pajamas since about 6pm.

Now that's just sad.

Someone hand me my false teeth and my cane.

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I'm right there with you. My 15 year old is out with friends, my 13 year old is talking on the phone and playing a video game and I am watching Deadliest Catch. How did it get like this? I think it is just a stage. Soon, the 15 year old will be home from college and out with friends, the 13 year old will be 16 and out with friends....Me? Probably still sitting here...??

Posted by: carolyn | November 28, 2008 10:20 PM

I can't really blame the kids for cramping my style. I haven't gone out on Thanksgiving weekend for a good ten years. But I do miss those days.

angie (from over at

Yes, going home for the holidays post-high school, pre-adult days were mighty fun. Thanksgiving was always the time to pre-plan on how to end up hanging out a lot with that special someone.

Guess it doesn't matter now since I totally married someone else, but the memories sure are funny.

Thanks for being lame with me!

Yeah, we have a couple over for Thxgiving and they just asked the death knell question:

Do you guys have any board games?

Um, no.



Going out is great, but there is sure something wonderful to be said for being able to get snuggly in your jammies for a quiet evening in!

Yeah - I'm with you - I was "Facebooking" with people that I used to run hard with on the night before Thanksgiving, now we're all home, in our pajamas, flirting on Facebook. Well, at least I don't have to wear mascara for that.

I was just thinking that on Wednesday, the night before Thanksgiving -- which used to be my big night out. And there I was, fretting over gravy serving bowls, counting forks and spoons, and going to bed early. I know exactly what you mean. How fun to be "out" and to see the same people again -- like in our youth.

Mine are both sleeping - does that count? Pass me some false teeth and a cane too!

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I got married in April of my senior year of high school (no. not because I "had" to) and managed to get pregnant in November. I guess we didn't go out for Thanksgining, but we sure got "busy" fast. I've been married 25 years now and Thanksgiving weekend has always been our time to stay home and decorate for Christmas. It's cozy and happy and fun and always holds at least one favorite Christmas movie and some eggnog for us.

Hey :) just wanted to say hello, that I really enjoy your blog, and that I've linked to you on MY new blog (I just set it up today and have yet to write in it - that might change in a few hours lol)... I hope it's ok that I linked you, I just thought I'd poke my head in and let you know! :)

Remember, somebody has to be around in case the "plans" wind up being at your place. Back then you were the one going out and it was your parents staying home, "keeping the light on for ya'" Well now it is your turn (and mine).

I know exactly where you're coming from...

I had kids, sold my Mustang GT, and now instead of going out to eat, we throw a couple of 5 buck steaks on the grill.....

It is sad..

I remember when we use to play football and volleyball all day. We ate, played volleyball and ate again. There was a lot of foul play going on... damn cheaters but we had fun none the less.