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Charlie's Soap


Saturday, December 20
Merry scaled-back Christmas

One sign of a recession during Christmas is the distinct lack of Christmas cards.

I love to get Christmas cards and we have this holder thingy that's always overflowing each year and this year, we have very few.

Now, mind you I haven't sent Christmas cards out yet because I'm lazy and just ordered them about 6 days ago and they're not here yet, but dammit, I want your cards!

But, maybe people will be surprised by their "Happy December 28th!" cards?

Anyway, I need cards, I like to look at pictures and know how you're doing.

I even like those family Christmas letters.

One of the mixed blessings about the recession is that I was easily able to get around town and park on this Saturday before Christmas to do my errands that included a little bit of gift shopping.

I will admit, though that it was a bit creepy to see plenty of parking at Toys R Us.

OK, I got everywhere easily except for Walgreen's.

Seriously, people, what is it about Walgreen's?

I needed to pick up a prescription (Zyrtec for Busy Girl in case you're one of those people who goes through medicine cabinets looking for whatever it is you're looking for) and there was no parking, the aisles (not "isles" /grammar lesson) were full and the checkout took forever.

This is not Neiman-Marcus, folks. Just go to Target or the mall already

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Same here, we got very few cards here also. Usually by this time, our card holder is filled up as well.

Posted by: Liz | December 20, 2008 2:38 PM

The same thing happened to me at Walgreen's today, too! They must be selling the crack cheap this year?!

I don't know BM, I think there will be cards (& packages) coming. My post office was an utter mob scene today. Had to wait in a line of cars to park, then had to wait in line inside for 40 min to use the self-serve postage machine. I saw a LOT of card stacks come in. And a LOT of packages. I bet at least half of them are headed your way! ;-) My card holder is pretty light so far... yeah, weird.

Oh my goodness - do you have a Dollar Tree? We went there today and it was like a tornado had hit it. Recession = $1 gifts for all!

I sent your card to the lair, wrapped in $100 bills, and stuffed with Chocolate. You mean you didn't find it? I'll bet the thieving maid took it... servants are so unreliable these days! Must be the recession! Sounds like we need to cut her pay, eh?

E, you can get 300 generic zyrtec at costco for about $4. Stop wasting your money! On second thought, maybe you should continue paying the big bucks for zyrtec to stimulate the economy.

I have received 2 cards this year, not including the junk cards from the orthodontist and insurance agents. Course I'm one of the deadbeats who hasn't sent out a card in 10 years. Be watching for the card next Christmas, though. It'll have one less name on it and maybe a new address!

Posted by: mechelle | December 20, 2008 6:12 PM

I would have sent you a card, but, you didn't send me your address. Mine is on my Facebook profile. I have quite a few cards/letters left, if you want one, please let me know through FB! :)

We've gotten fewer cards this year, too. Then again, we mailed most of ours today, so maybe everyone's running late. As for retail, we were at Kohl's today, and the checkout lines were wrapped halfway around the store!

Don't worry, you'll get more cards. I think people are running a little late this year. Also, I've gotten 2 cute Smilebox email cards, so some people are going electronic. Pretty cool!

We have gotten fewer cards as well this year, but I was thinking the same as Asianmommy, that since last year we had that extra week between Thanksgiving and Xmas that everybody is running a bit behind this year.

My cards went out on Friday so yep, chalk another one up in the "better late than never" group.

But yeah I agree, a lot less cards this year. I've received about 8 and we usually have at least 20 by this point.

I haven't gotten mine out this year either, but I will, eventually. I put up the photos that I receive and leave them up all year-so far I think I have 3. Not going to make the big collage that we are used to, is it?

I've found the same thing - easy parking everywhere. Even Green Hills Mall of all places! Scary.

Thank you for the ' aisles/isles ' clarification. That is one of my pet peeves--along with ' calvary/cavalry '. Not the same word, people!

Posted by: Alyson | December 22, 2008 4:52 PM

Thank you for the ' aisles/isles ' clarification. That is one of my pet peeves--along with ' calvary/cavalry '. Not the same word, people!

Posted by: Alyson | December 22, 2008 4:52 PM

I might get aou d to Mardi Gras cards at the rate I am going!

Wow, I'm so glad to know that it isn't just me who is noticing that there are fewer cards in the mailbox this year. I was beginning to get a complex!

As for Walgreens, I love that place...I have resorted to going through the drive-thru for my Rx so I avoid going inside and spending money on all of their wonderful, worthless merchandise! :)