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Charlie's Soap


Sunday, September 20
Blogging on my blog

So, every time I resolve to actually blog here on my blog...

Wait, when did the word "blog" start sounding 2006?

In 2006, you say?


I'm just going to consider myself all old skool for blogging on this here blog, then.

I'm also going to use the word "blogging" as much as I can.

Anyway, every time I say I'm going to get back in the habit of blogging here on my blog, it just seems to get worse.

While there's not too much more annoying than bloggers blogging about why they haven't blogged, I will say that in order to blog, you kinda have to be home to blog, or at least around your computer and I'm not.

I know I say this all the time, but I'm never home because volleyball is kicking mah ass, and it's not even my volleyball.

It'd be better if I was the one playing, because at least I'd be getting some exercise while my ass was getting kicked.

But, then again I'd suck at volleyball because now both knees don't work. Wait, I'd suck at volleyball, anyway. What was I thinking?

Going to the doctor tomorrow, with the strange feeling that I'm going to get bilateral steroid injections, thus ending my Olympic aspirations. Also, ending my ability to get back to my office from the doctor's office if that happens.

Where was I?

Busy Girl loves volleyball, and I love to watch and as a parent of a player, we have some obligations, but it's been especially demanding the past few weeks. Her school has a powerful program, and this is just what it takes.

It will be somewhat easier when she gets a driver's license, but that's not for another year, and I wouldn't want to miss the games, anyway.

But, apparently, I have 2 other kids and a husband, though, and hey, the other kids play sports, too. Who knew?

There was a break in the 40 days and 40 nights of rain here, so I did make it to Busy Boy's football game on Saturday, but Busy D.'s soccer game was canceled.

Football went well, but a crucial player got hurt (hello, football team parents, I see you), my dad's Prius broke down in the parking lot (difficult to get help with those), I dumped a Diet Coke in my purse and I think I left 4 dollars on the counter at Starbuck's.

Thus, I've concluded that spending hours on end in the bleachers at volleyball (hello, volleyball team parents, I see you) is much safer and cheaper for everyone.

Speaking of Busy Boy, he goes on his high school visit day tomorrow.

Busy Boy will be in high school next year.

When I started blogging on this blog (what? I'm getting mileage out of this word) in 2003, he was younger than Busy D, is now.

He's going to high school next year, and Busy Girl will be half way through.

That oughta give me something to blog about on this blog.

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I'll give you something to blog about...How was that birthday of yours?

You've been holding up that damned tray of drinks for so long, no wonder your knees are shot! Hope you're feeling better, soon. Sheesh. We gots high schoolers, now?

Oh, and leaving another comment, to go with this here blog, to second Kendra's comment, about someone having a birthday, or something?

This post was very funny, especially where you mentioned the word "blog" on every line.

How do you find time to even check your email? You seem very busy. My heart goes out to you :).

BTW--Volleyball=Very Good Workout. But you know that. I'm sure all the running around you do equates with a good amount of exercise!

This made me laugh! You really DO need that trip to Paris... you could post "le blogue" if you like, and "bloguer" (the verb) - if you could conjugate it. I would, of course, be your guide, which is indispensable should you decide to be a bilingual Blogesse... necessarily trotting the trottoir in Louboutins...

Whats up with your knees? You're too young to have "knee issues".

I had crazy painful knees 2 years ago from a marathon planting session - 98 shrubs in one day...on my the clay. But after strenthening my quads a bit (okay, a lot) I'm virtually pain free in the knees.

I'm hoping yours aren't anything serious and you don't need any roids. :)