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Wednesday, May 5
The Nashville Flood and how to help

And, the rains came down.

As you've probably figured out, we've had an up close and personal seat to the Nashville Flood.

What? You've not heard of it?

Nashville, TN is under water, but you'd never know it looking at the national news.

There were bodies floating around by the grocery store, that's not exactly typical in Music City, ya know?


We live in one of the hardest hit areas.

It's hard to describe, but even though we live near the river, due to where our house is, it would be absurd to think the river would ever reach us.

But, we had bags packed on Sunday.

Saturday night, the whole city knew something was up when I-24 filled up with water:

The torrential rains continued, and it just wouldn't stop raining.

Busy Girl and Busy Boy were spending the night out, I was a little nervous about the weather, but I didn't think much about it.

But, we wouldn't see them again for 4 days. They were fine, we just couldn't get to them.

I'm pretty sure the families that kept them have recovered now, though ;)

On Sunday afternoon, we lost our electricity (which is not uncommon out here when it rains), so we sat in the dark playing board games and wondering if the water would get over the main entrance to our neighborhood.

That end of the road has a creek, and it's the one I referred to when I was trying to get to the drugstore the other day.

Water has only gotten over the road down there one time since we've lived here (18 years), and it didn't last long.

If only that video had been the worst of the trouble.

Sunday afternoon, we were keeping an eye out at the river across the street. It's far below us, but it can really get up there, it's frequently a sight to see in the heavy rains.

We heard the heavy equipment of the farm behind us, so we looked out the kitchen window at the back of the house, and realized the neighbors were frantically building levees.

The river curves around the back of out house, pretty far in the distance, but it was coming up and had engulfed the farm behind us and was on it's way to us and the other houses on our side.

I don't have all the pictures from back there, but this is the barn, early on. It would eventually be covered with water:

Neighbor's barn

It's completely gone, now. Washed down the river on Sunday night, you could hear it from our house when it went.

The 40 some odd cows were stranded on an island out there. Eight didn't make it.

Monday morning, was a little surreal. We were stranded in our neighborhood, and the rain continued.

The first 4 houses on the street were completely under water, they had to be rescued.

Two story house on our street. After the water started going down:

Canoe at house. It's a 2 story house.

That video I made and referenced earlier in this post?

This is from the same road, further back on a pretty steep incline. The yellow sign by the canoe in the distance is the caution sign from the bridge where I shot the video on Saturday. That sign is probably 8 feet tall.

Neighborhood Marina

This is the same area, the canoe is headed off the side of the road, normally a 20 foot drop:

We don't usually have people canoeing in our street.

Everyone in the neighborhood was OK, even if their property was not. But, all we could do was wait without power or phones and we were stuck big.

The whole neighborhood developed a strange little ritual just walking up and down the street all day, checking to see if the water had receded. It was oddly pleasant.

Neighbors spent the day helping others with minor problems until we could get to the ones with the most damage.

Busy Dad went to WalMart by canoe because I had no chocolate. OK, OK we needed other stuff, too because it was forecast to rain even more, but thank goodness it didn't.

We didn't get out until yesterday:

Fire Department is here!

We're very lucky, many people on my street and in my area were not.

One area that was hit very, very hard is full of elderly and single people. Elderly couples (3 I know of) died together in their cars trying to escape the rising water.

Many in our city were not as fortunate.

Again, we are fine, thank you everyone for your concern.

Just keep my city in your prayers.

More later.

How you can help:

- Check Hands on Nashville or ollow Hands on Nashville on Twitter for information

-Or, donate to the Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee

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I cannot believe what you guys have gone through. Your house is okay? Bodies floating around? Egads - horrible. I will keep you all in my prayers.

PS I did find your video with Busy Dad and the beer very entertaining. Not laughing at your expense, however.

Posted by: Amy | May 5, 2010 12:17 PM

Oh my God Elizabeth, I've been keeping you in my thoughts for days now - I simply can't believe what you're going through.

So glad you and the kids are fine and with chocolate.

Glad you guys made it okay...hope your neighborhood recovers.

I've been following your updates. I'm so glad that you are ok. (((hugs)))

Posted by: howjudiofyou | May 5, 2010 12:34 PM

Found your blog just looking around. So glad to hear you all are ok. I have been watching the storm on the news.

Hugs to you and your family.


Sending prayers to Nashville, Busy Mom.... I'm glad you and your family are OK. Praying for those who weren't so fortunate.

Posted by: Marie | May 5, 2010 1:16 PM

Excellent blog you have there, thanks for sharing, iv bookmakred you!

Posted by: game | May 5, 2010 1:30 PM

I am so glad you are okay!! Your story is both heartbreaking and amazing. I feel like I lived a year in a weekend... My story:

Oh Elizabeth, it is heartbreaking. I'm so glad you all are okay. Please take care of yourselves -- and I'd love to know if you recommend a local fundraiser or blog-nitiatives where the rest of us can help get the word out.

I've been checking in on you on Twitter. Thanks for the update.

E, this blows my mind. I am sending hugs and prayers to you and your community. -Christine

I'm so glad that you are safe and dry.

Nashville was our home for fifteen years, our daughters were born there and she is near and dear to our hearts. It's been heartbreaking to watch the devastation.

Wow, that's incredible. I'm glad you and your family are safe! Hopefully we'll be able to find ways to help! Thanks!

Looking at the pictures and videos I've seen, I'm stunned at the devastation and extent of the flooding.

I was in Nashville about 6 weeks ago visiting my sister. Her house and family were spared any damage but she hasn't been able to work this week because the downtown building she works in isn't fully functioning. A couple died in their car on Sawyer Brown Rod about a half mile from where my sister lives.

My daughter attended an FCCLA convention at the Opryland Hotel last year and we spent a lot of time cruising Opry Mills Center. I can only imagine the damage done there and the jobs on hold or lost. My thoughts and prayers are with everyone in Tennessee suffering from the flood.