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Charlie's Soap


Saturday, June 12
Critter Ridders

We've had quite the array of uninvited critters here at World Headquarters since the Nashville Flood.

We live in an old house, and we've always had extraneous critters, but things are a little more hopping than usual, now.

Did I ever tell you about the time a snake trapped me in my bedroom?

Busy Boy wasn't very old,maybe 2 at the time, and we had friends over to visit one day.

It was time for his nap, so I excused myself, and took him up to our room to get him to go to sleep.

Now, longtime readers know that we are 0 for 3 in the "Kids Who Sleep Like Normal People" department, so when he fell asleep on me, I wasn't about to screw that up.

I managed to scoop him up to take him to his bedroom, and I noticed a belt on the floor in the doorway.

When I got closer, I realized it was most decidedly NOT a belt, but it was one medium sized snake who wasn't planning on going anywhere.

When I say that I would allow nothing (I mean nothing) to screw up their naps, I mean it.

Therefore, I went back to my bed with the sleeping child, and tried to stage-whisper for Busy Dad who was downstairs at a party.

That worked about like you are thinking right now.

To recap, I have a sleeping child, a party going on downstairs and a snake trapping me in my own room.

After pondering my situation, I called the neighbors house, had them call back and I let the phone ring until Busy Dad answered it,

The neighbor informed him that I needed his assistance upstairs.

He came upstairs, got a stick and a pillowcase and removed the offender and all was well.

Man, that was more exciting when it happened than it is in writing.


No snakes at the moment, but it is time for the baby birds to leave the nest.

Or, the chimney in this case.

Over the years, we've had birds in the chimney on various occasions, and it just kind of works itself out.

What we have now is starting to be a failure to launch kind of thing.

I think there's teenage birds up in there who are playing Xbox and refusing to get a job or something.

They've been in there far too long and it's time for a little shove.

Or a big shove. With a little smoke.

No time for that right now though, since our life is a bit like Mouse Hunt lately.

Only without the comedy.

And without Nathan Lane.

And without an ending.

Every day is a new adventure, and they're starting to get a bit brazen.

I passed one in the hall with a little towel and toothbrush on the way to the bathroom, and he said, "Whassup? I think we're about out of toothpaste, by the way."

One night, I yelled at Busy Boy to get to bed, and he said, "You scared him!"

Me: "Scared what?"

Busy Boy: "The mouse. I was watching him play!"

Before I go on, please note that I live in an old house. It is not unclean or disease infested, this is just a hazard of old house living, sometimes.

If you live in one, you know how amusing it is when people tell you to just "block off the potential entrances" and your problem will be solved.

Can someone come help me block off the entire house?

So, today we're busy with some decluttering projects and trying even more stuff until the shotgun we ordered arrives in the mail.

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I love my husband. He is wonderful in SO many ways, but he will never, EVER rescue me from a snake. ;-)

I am laughing with you...yes, we have had mice. They come down from the old cane fields in the summer looking for shade and water, it's part of Lahaina living. And our house is also old too and with kids and a dog running in and out, sure enough a mouse finds it's way inside. I had one run in the other day so I shoo'd him out. He was bummed, I was delighted.

Good luck with the little critters!

I get mice 'cause I feed the wild Turkeys & birds & have a big bulk container for seed. I use a combination of tactics to reduse the population: Traps (only works for the Stupid ones)
Havaheart trap (works fairly well, but doesn't get more then one at a time)
Seed trap ( same)
Ultrasonics (?)
The dead ones I dispose of outside (recycling)
the live ones get put in the car & released in the state park 5 miles from my house.

Yep, I love that '...just block where they come in" rap. Where DON'T they come in?? Hub swears he has never seen any in this house and since I am home a lot and haven't seen 'em, I believe him. Fingers crossed, as #2 son is a wee bit messy in the basement. My boys would never watch them play, though. I receive all bug sightings immediately as if I am wholly responsible. Right now it's ants. No biggie. Mice, however, are the things I fear most in this world. Eeek!

Posted by: Cincy | June 12, 2010 6:49 PM

Ask and ye shall receive...yes, we have both a snake and a mouse. Well, did. The snake is outside and I hope he's found the mouse now that I have removed the mouse's inside food source. I had neither critter before the flood!

But I guess it's better to have those two that Wynonna's lost bison.

My solution for you in one word: Catzilla(s)

See the link for the tale of our mighty hunters.

My solution for you in one word: Catzilla(s)

See the link for the tale of our mighty hunters.

I owned a log cabin on 10 acres of woods. You wouldn't believe the critters. I also laughed until tears came when someone told me to block off potential entrances. Log cabin's are nothing but potential entrances.

I had a cat. Cat had always been lazy, indoor, fat cat until moving there. She suddenly became a mouser which was great until she got lazy again. She started bringing the mouse to me before she killed them. The night she deposited a live mouse in bed with me at 3 am was the last night she lived with us.

LOL @ You scared him!

Well, I am probably not going to be much help, here, but prior to having to put our 19 year old cat to sleep, we never saw a mouse... or even a hint of a mouse. That was almost three years ago. We're thinking its time for a new cat since our daughter found one in the toilet... after she tinkled on it! It wasn't a pretty scene. Only it wasn't a mouse, it was a RAT! Bleh!!!

Posted by: Suzy | June 17, 2010 3:42 AM

I also live in an old house and find the idea of sealing up any holes as a sick joke. We might as well raze the whole house and start over! Instead of waiting for your shotgun to arrive, you should get some of those traps that kill the mouse quickly and keep it sealed so you don’t have to see it or touch it. It’s perfect for people with kids and pets.

Posted by: Rachel | September 23, 2010 8:34 AM