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Charlie's Soap


Thursday, October 28
An evening in the life

We're having one of those bizarre evenings where everyone thought someone else was cooking dinner, yet no one did, and no one is really starving, yet we really should eat.

We will, however feed Busy D. an actual meal since he had soccer practice tonight.

I mean "training".

It seems that after the first several hundred dollars (travel soccer), you have "training" instead of "practice".

Busy Dad and the kids don't have school tomorrow, so it's a vacation night, which explains the "stand in front of the pantry and eat dry cereal and cookies".

Busy Girl managed to scrape up a frozen chicken patty for my Son-in-Faux (her boyfriend) because we treat our guests right around here.


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I actually don't mind the occasional bowl of cereal for dinner but it's like my family needs actual food or something of substance for dinner EVERY DANG NIGHT. ;)

p.s. my oldest daughter may do travel soccer...I know I know

Son-in-Faux. That's awesome.

I'm a big fan of breakfast for dinner, and even more of a fan of open-the-fridge-and-eat-what-doesn't-bite-back. We did that last one last night.

Breakfast for dinner, awesome. Son-in-faux, AWESOMER!!!