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Charlie's Soap


Monday, December 13
Snow day rituals

We have a snow day here.

It was a little unexpected since we've been conditioned to living underneath the Great Nashville Snow Dome where it more often than not snows great guns all around the county, but never here.

It took us nearly 4 hours to make necessary trips out for Busy Girl to get to work yesterday as she is a new driver, and we weren't wild about her driving on the tires currently on her car.

Actually, we never did get home with her car, had to ditch it at my dad's house.

Yes, her car has the worst tires in the house. I know.

Usually, a snow day is a lot of fun, but today is a little concerning since it's fallen during exam week, and the review day was supposed to be today.

Missing the review days is NOT something a certain middle child needs to happen.

Since the day sort of snuck up on us, and we really didn't need it to happen, anyway, the kids didn't get to do their regular snow day rituals.

The make it snow rituals here are usually:

- Wear your pajamas backward
- Put ice in the toilet

What kinds of things do you do at your house to make it snow?

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Pajamas on backwards AND inside out obviously has worked for a HUGE portion of the country, except us. Of course, I am NOT complaining! Just was funny to watch 9 yo wake up pissy & reminder her that it worked, because it's, you know, snowing everywhere else, but here!

Yah, we're eeeeevil parents, like that :)

In addition to the inside out jammies and ice cubes in the toilet, we also put spoons under our pillows and put white crayons in the freezer.

Whatever works.....

whaaa? I'm from texas.

ice in potties? jammies backwards?

here we just go on with life because snow days hardly ever indicate you actually need to stay home. you work, you shop, you go to the gym...

icy toilets...?~!

I've never wanted snow.

Well, as everyone knows, the sure-fire way to make it *not* snow is to not do your homework because you're counting on a snow day.

Posted by: amy324 | December 13, 2010 1:28 PM

Are you kidding? We do absolutely nothing to make it snow, because on the extremely rare occasion that the sky releases even a few of the tiniest snowflakes you have ever seen, the entirety of Southeast Texas is spun into a state of emergency so fast that all of us are nearly flung into outerspace!

Posted by: Suzy | December 13, 2010 4:36 PM

putting the christmas lights up outside always seems to invite snow at our house :)