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Monday, May 2
The Nashville Flood one year later

On May 1, 2010 it rained.

It rained, and it rained and it rained.

I live near the river, and things were starting to get messy, but that's just what happens, sometimes.

But, it was at this point Nashville and surrounding areas knew there might be a problem in this (now symbolic of the flood) video:

If you're not from around here, it's hard to understand the significance.

"It rained? So what?" might be what you're thinking.

Actually, it was even hard for some people in Nashville who weren't in affected areas to really get what this was about.

Heck, my older kids who were out with friends and couldn't get back to us for 4 days didn't truly understand because they were away from our area which was one of the hardest hit:

But, 30 people died in this event, 7 of them right here in my own community.

Bodies were recovered behind the local grocery store, and for a while, TEMA officials thought there might be one in our yard or immediate area (It wouldn't be found until months later).

Yes, really.

Sending my husband and 13 year son out in a canoe in a flood to help look for a body because not many people could get to us at that point isn't something that I'd ever done until May of last year.

This was a 1,000 year flood, potentially the costliest non-hurricane disaster in our county.

But so much more came out of this, nearly everyone has an awesome story they can tell of how our city responded, (I could go on all day, but I won't) to situations we've never encountered.

(I'm not a big video watcher, but this one, and this one are particularly good)

The stories of neighbors helping neighbors, a city banding together was so special they made a movie out of it:

Our family was very, very lucky. We are surrounded by the river and nothing happened to us, but the devastation on our street was unreal.

So many of you, readers and companies alike sent donations, gift cards and prayers for my community. I hope you know how much it meant and how much it was needed.

If you're interested, here's a little bit about where your money went.

Natural disasters may come and go, but this one was not only unprecedented, but it was in my community, and it changed everyone forever.

Our flood was a year ago, but there's people who need us right now.

The 2011 tornadoes here in the South last week were devastating.

I'm not even sure "devastating" covers it judging by what I saw from the Interstate in Ringgold, GA this weekend.

Even if you live somewhere that you're not quite sure what this tornado fuss is all about, just trust me that this is a very big deal.

These people need us, just like Nashville needed you last year.

Please, please consider ways you can help the tornado victims in the South.

It makes a difference.

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Wow. Thank God the rainbow does come out.

Posted by: Benita Wheeler | May 2, 2011 2:14 PM

Great post and it's true that it's tough to comprehend if you were not here. And you are so right about helping the tornado victims in our neighboring states.

Posted by: Jamie | May 2, 2011 2:27 PM

Though I have not personally seen it, much of my family resides in Chattanooga and in fact my aunt lives in Ringgold. She was unharmed, but it still hits close to home for me. My thoughts and prayers go out to all in TN and GA.

Posted by: Kim | May 2, 2011 3:31 PM

The power of water and nature is frightening. It's heartwarming when people help and I would like to very much. I donated to the Japan earthquake effort, so I should also help closer to home.

you had to send out your SON to look for a body oh MY GOSH that is awful. I cannot even imagine. How sad for the families in your community still grieving the loss of their 7 loved ones.

You know where I work and you know the damage that we had. I was displaced in a cube with 3 others for 6 months. I am happy to return to my office and so glad the hotel is better than ever.
Nashville was great during the flood. And the sun will shine again.
Praying for those affected by floods and tornados.

What happend to the Land Ho video?! I loved that!

Uhm... By the way, are you still above water THIS YEAR? Land Ho is much preferable to Underwater Ho!!!

Posted by: Suzy | May 9, 2011 7:18 PM