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Charlie's Soap


Monday, May 9
Life is a highway. I rode it all night long.

Gah, why didn't you remind me I had that overly-earnest flood post on top for this long?

So, do you remember back when you were in college, and it was no big deal to take a road trip and drive through the night?

Heck, leaving on an 8 hour trip for the beach Friday night only to have to return home on Sunday wasn't unheard of.

Turns out?

I'm not in college, anymore.

(Shut up.)

Two weekends ago, Busy Girl had a volleyball tournament in Atlanta (4 hours away).

Last weekend was also prom,

Problem, no?

Well, only kinda, for we drove to Atlanta Friday night, she played Satruday morning, we drove back here for prom, drove back to Atlanta again in the wee hours of Sunday morning for the rest of the tournament, and drove home again on Sunday evening.

And, by "we" driving, I mean me.

Why, yes that was approximately 1,100 miles in about 36 hours.

Some of you were kind enough to follow along on Twitter as I dreaded the third leg of the journey after prom, didn't know if I could do it.

I'm not a good napper, so I was unable to sleep while she was at prom, but I tried.

I put on my pajamas, set the alarm and got up for a shower as I tried to trick myself into thinking I was well-rested.

Didn't work.

Due to a story longer than you care to hear about (nothing bad, just dull), we didn't get on the road back to Atlanta until 1:45 am.

Yes, that felt about like you imagine it felt, but I had to do it, and it went something like this:

11:45 - (left to pick her up at the prom breakfast) I'm not waking up, and I'm too tied to put gas in the car, but coffee sounds revolting right now.

11:55 - This is not good, I'm already rolling down windows, and I'm not even half-way to where she is.

1:30 am - Jeezum, we haven't even left town. Now I gotta have coffee.

1:45 am - On the road! I have a weird crick in my neck. I'm sure it's vascular and I'm having a stroke.

2:45 am - OK, I give, gotta get out and walk before I pull a Toonces (look it up).

2:55 am - Who are these people at a market at 3am, and I think I'm gonna hurl coffee.

3:00 am - More coffee? Check. Big ol' thing of Soft Batch cookies? Check. Large bottle of Tums? Check.


3:16 am - Apologize to Busy Girl for waking her up.

4:10 am - Found myself driving about 55 mph. No wonder trip was taking forever.

4:55 am - Cookies were a poor choice. I think I see a guy riding a horse in the lane next to me.

4:56 am - Well, maybe not, but I think that means I should go to this truck stop and walk around some more.

5:00 am - "Wait, I'm walking around a truck stop somewhere in Georgia at 5 am..."

6:15 am - "Hello, Sun! Hello, Atlanta! Hello, Traffic Jam! HERE COMES THE SUN, DOO DOO DOO DOO..."

7:10 am - "Hello, hotel room!" (shoos random teenagers out of my bed, long story)

7:25 am - "Hello, Housekeeping!"

8:15 am - "Hello, alarm clock!"

We did actually make it back there safe and sound.

What I'm glad I didn't know is that it was a single-elimination tournament, and had they lost, I would have had to drive back home again a coupls of hours after arrival.

There were actually 4 of us who did this trip, so we compared notes, but only 2 of us did it solo.

Someone joking said that it would take me "until Tuesday" to recover.

I laughed, sure she was wrong, and she was, kinda.

It's taken me two Tuesdays to recover, and college me is very judgmental about that.

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I'd still be in a coma. You're at least functioning enough to post.

You're a good mama. I hope the girl showered you with love on Sunday. You deserve a medal for that. (I totally would have done it too.)

I had to go get a cup of coffee, come back and finish reading about it. Inscribing medal as we speak.

Posted by: Liz | May 10, 2011 9:00 AM

College You would not believe the stuff you do! Every day! I do not mean this in a critical way, but where is Busy Dad when all this is happening? I make my husband do all the roadtripping, but I'm delicate & lazy that way.
I certainly hope you get lovely Mother's Day presents to make all that worthwhile.

Posted by: Cincy | May 10, 2011 9:00 AM

Both of the boys had sports over the weekend, and Busy Dad coaches of one of them, so he maintained at home while I did volleyball.

Additionally, we had an extra kid with us at volleyball, so that would have been awkward in the hotel room.

(Also, he doesn't move fast enough to go to these huge tournaments, but don't tell him I said that.

A lot of logistics involved, and he and Busy Girl may have killed each other before the weekend was done.)

I know I shouldn't be laughing this hard but this literally had me laughing out loud! I seriously needed that laugh.

College me is also very judgmental as well. Dude Easter just about wiped me about and that was just a 12-hour church/visit family marathon one hour away.

p.s. I miss Toonces.

College you was partying with your friends. Mom you is driving your daughter back and forth! Huge difference! Get some sleep!

I second everything Headless Mom said. It takes kids a while before they understand and appreciate everything we do for them. I'm still waiting. ;-)

I remember college me making plans for the night around 10pm. Now if the phone rings at 9pm I'm all, "Who could that be calling at this hour?"

Posted by: amy324 | May 10, 2011 9:34 PM

You rock. College You should do nothing but smile at how strong you are now.

Posted by: Ben | May 11, 2011 8:26 AM