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Charlie's Soap


Tuesday, May 24
Sing. Fly. Mate. Die.

Because no topic can ever be discussed too much, I'm thinking I wasn't clear on this whole cicada thing.

If you're not familiar with our cicada invasions, I'm not talking about your regular summertime outdoor camping noises, this is an infestation of biblical proportions we get at regular intervals.

Meet Cicada Brood XIX:


These particular ones come out every 13 years, and there are millions of them. Their sole purpose is to sing, fly, mate, lay eggs, and then die. They lumber around, fly clumsily and they are everywhere.

As I shared on Twitter, I had one in MY PANTS when I was driving home from work the other day.

The shuttle driver at work won't let you on until she's convinced you don't have one on you.

These are cicadas:

I guess if I had the energy to capture them with a real camera instead of my phone, it'd be easier to see the significance, but that noise in the video isn't static, it's 120 decibels of cicada lovin'.

I just felt you needed to know that for some reason.

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I've never seen this many. We get them here but we call them heat bugs, only hear them once you reach about 22-24C? in the summer.

I can just imagine my oldest girl, screaming. Aaaand, trying to walk home in that. Mostly screaming. GAH!

Posted by: Liz | May 24, 2011 1:22 PM

So maybe it's just me, but "sing, fly, mate, lay eggs, die" does not sound like a bad life. Kinda beats
" work crappy job, lose crappy job, get divorced, raise ungrateful teenagers, die"

Posted by: Angela in Ohio | May 24, 2011 3:35 PM

I'm creeped out that all that.

Wondering how we missed 'em.

Just glad we did.

People who are not from our area don't believe how loud and crazy these things are. BM and I do! They fly into you car by the hundreds!! They try to mate with your air conditioner unit at home. It is deafening loud.
I will take our weather in Oklahoma over these bugs any day!!

I remember them from when they were here last time (when I was in high school) and I think they were in the move "Lucas"

ohhhh my! i have the heebie jeebies now!