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Tuesday, April 10
Please excuse Busy Mom

Whoa, I don't think I've ever gone this long without posting, let's do something about that.

Here's my excuse slip:

Please excuse Busy Mom for not posting for so long.

She has a senior in high school and didn't actually believe anyone about how stressful this time of year is.

She also has 2 other kids who will need food donations as she just this moment enrolled her first-born in college and the finances could possibly partially work out if her family stops eating, paying the mortgage and buying gas.

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Wow! I can't hope to be as eloquent as those two above^, but I'm glad you're back. Give us a hint as to where BusyGirl is headed--in state or out of state?

Posted by: Cy | April 11, 2012 8:35 AM

I mean, 3 above!

Posted by: Cy | April 11, 2012 8:37 AM

I need to cut back on my beer and wine budget right now don't I?


Congratulations on enrolling Busy Girl! May I ask where she is headed to school?

I feel your pain in every sense of the word. And out-of-state tuition sucks muchly. And the joy of it all is we'll get these girls launched and then get to go through the whole process all over again with the next kid. woot.

You are excused. Okay, now you do me ;)

Excused. And OH the fun you're still to have!

Aw hell, we'll be doing this with the oldest next year. We've started the savings account for all the senior year crap we'll have to buy. We've also pretty much resigned ourselves to the fact we won't be moving anytime soon like we want to. BOO responsibilities

You're excused busy mom. Until your next post then.

POOR BM! I feel your pain as I also sent my child to an out of state state school - umm, you know - that ORANGE ONE!?! Now I have a $12,000 loan for one year of UTK. what-ev! sell off your kids! especially that strapping young man! He will get you a good amount!

I have been there, and I hate to tell you this... it gets worse. All that time you expected to have when they got older & you wouldn't have to cart them around really doesn't exist because every where they need to be - you need to be there too. And, I think they need to be more places too!

All those things people told us about how much easier it was going to be when they got older... LIES!

Terrified for you!!! I still remember how stressed my parents were when they had three of us in college at the same time! :/

Posted by: Tim | April 19, 2012 9:48 PM