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Monday, May 28
Summer Scrooge

As every year, today marks the opening day of Towel Consumption Season. Our pool is cleaned up and ready, and Busy Girl works as a lifeguard, so beach towels in need of laundering are everywhere.

As I think about it, it's a little bittersweet because the towel avalanche used to be all the kids running in and out getting towels and then leaving them outside, but now it's mostly Busy D. and his friends.

Anyway, it's the official beginning of summer.

Which, for me, is a lot like all the other days of the year when you're the only one not on summer vacation (Busy Dad is a teacher).

I know I moan about this every year, for the next couple of months, it'll be like I live in an all night diner up in here as people come and go and watch TV and are just generally AWAKE.

Or people are "out" (Lord only knows where) and will be home "sometime", while I'm still trying to go to bed and get ready for work the next morning.

Note to young people: Yes, I am that parent that can't sleep until you get home, and yes I thought it was stupid when my mother did it, too.

I used to think they were the ones that needed to adjust, but over the years I've realized it's my attitude that needs adjusting. However, while I fully realize how much I will miss all the hubbub one day, today is not the day of adjustment for me.

I'm tired!

Memorial Day is one of those holidays like the 4th of July and Labor Day where I feel compelled to be out doing something to uniquely American and fabulous to celebrate summer, but I never quite know what it is.

I always assume everyone else is out boating, grilling, swimming and having block parties, so I feel a little guilty about our inertia.

(Just as I was about to write something like, "most people are probably more like us and didn't do fabulous things", I opened Facebook to several pictures of people "at the lake" Oh, well.)

I did, however, buy an apple pie to sacrifice to the gods of Americana. I also bought some steaks, but never got inspired to cook them.

Lamesauce, I know.

While I don't want to wish summer away, mostly because Busy Girl goes to college at the end of it, I'll be glad when the household settles into more of a routine!

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If it makes you feel better, the big Memorial Day thing we did was 3.3 miles to the next town over and buy cat treats, cheap battery powered lanterns, and lunch.

And we started the laundry. Can you do our towels?

My kids went hiking with their dad and I had the day to myself. I read and did laundry. My glamorous life...

Posted by: Carolyn | May 29, 2012 6:53 AM

Yes to all of this. It's summer. But it's not. Hard for the working folk.

Yes to all of this. It's summer. But it's not. Hard for the working folk.

Grocery shopped and general sluggery. I did watch 3 hours of Sex in the City.

No lake for us. We did, however, open our pool which may or may not be ready to swim in by tomorrow or whenever Jersey decides to actually act like it's summer (90 today, 70 on Friday) and we need more towels. Viva La Americana!

Posted by: Liz | May 29, 2012 7:41 AM

I'm finally getting over the I can't sleep when you aren't home thing... but it's Gameboy and he's almost 20 now, but I still ask for a text message if he isn't coming home. I'm THAT mom.
If ThePrincess isn't home I worry & fret until I see her though... double standard???