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Monday, July 9
I think I'll give this blogging thing a try

HOW do I do this?!

I go along thinking, "I need to write something, it's been a little while", and then 6 weeks go by?!

I must be getting old or something.

Anyway, the past few weeks seem like they've been all about project management. Though the projects aren't extraordinary, it's been an exercise in partitioning my brain to take care of 3 kids in 3 very different stages of life.

There's one sneaking into pre-tween-dom, one newly 16 year old, and one headed off to college next month and I have to be very cognizant that it's the first time for each of them and I fear something will slip by me.

Current projects:

- Plan and execute vacation (100% complete)

- Complete, deliver, retrieve and not lose 5 separate health forms (harder than it sounds, yo.)

- Determine how Busy D. is going to be able to play soccer AND football this fall, break news to both coaches

- Select items to pawn to pay for soccer AND an entirely new set of uniforms this season

- Plan and execute college orientation and class registration

- Prepare, pack and deliver 2 boys to camp for the next 3 weeks

- Complete every to-do list around the house ever in the next 3 weeks

- Prepare and force same 2 boys to complete summer reading/English assignments before camp since school starts 1 week after they return and the work is due that day.

- Schedule time to obsess over how youngest child is faring at his first year at camp.

- Allot time to properly celebrate Busy Boy's 16th birthday when he gets home from camp.

- Determine how, when and if he's going to be driving anytime soon.

- Select, order and produce funding for needed textbooks for older two kids (parents of college students: I feel ya, now. I get it.)

- Continue amassing dorm room items in an effort to not have a monstrous Target bill in the middle of a strange city next month. Project status:

Amassing dorm supplies

The living room and dining room have turned into staging areas for people to pack and unpack as they go about the business of summer.

However, I'm quite sure I haven't internalized that the college stuff is going on the road and won't be back for a while.

I've distracted myself from the reality of it by learning as much as I can about her school and how it works.

I've even become a message board person, if you can believe that. There's a great community for her school over on College Confidential and they have been immensely helpful for noobs like us.

Despite all that, I don't really have a good reason for not writing, so YET AGAIN (I know, I know) I'm going to try to get back on the stick, here.

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Welcome to blogging!

Posted by: Jenn | July 9, 2012 1:12 PM

Thanks! I hope to be just like you, someday.

No wonder you don't have time, my goodness. I've been following the blog for a while and you have written a lot about your oldest growing up and going to college, but hearing that Busy Boy was 16 was a surprise! Wow, times has flown.

Hang in there. It all calm down. One day. Eventually. That's what I hear anyway. :)

Gee, you're almost as busy as a lot of us dads.

Oh, wait. Does my wife read this blog?

Uh, oh.

BUSY mom really does describe it, doesn't it? I HATED those health forms! Now that our older daughter is briefly on my COBRA(very confusing form) I hate them still. Keeping track of two active daughters was tricky for me; I don't know how you manage three. Kudos!!

Welcome back. Now, I need nap.!

Welcome back. Now, I need nap.!

Glad to see you here again! Looking at your list reminded me of about six other things I need to add to my to-do list.

See you back here in another six weeks?

You said "Get on the stick".

I think you'll like this blogging thing. Also I think maybe you will need a drink after this summer...(I know we BOTH will after paying for new soccer uniforms. I am actually trying to sell some stuff on ebay. SIGH)

Thanks for the link to College Confidential. Just "pre-freaking out" over college choices/money/major for my 16 year old son.

Posted by: Carol | July 12, 2012 12:15 PM

I was wondering where you had disappeared to! Wow, you are busy...at least you planned a vacation. Can you plan one for me too?