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Monday, July 9
When are the Olympics?

Pondering: why is it so difficult to find out the details of major sporting events?

For example, I can never remember what time the Super Bowl kick off is. So, I Google it, and I can find out the history of the Super Bowl, "What You Need to Know About the Superbowl" and Super Bowl recipes.

I can't, however, find out when the Super Bowl starts.

The Olympics? I just want to know the dates and a simple TV schedule (and not from the Huffington Post), not where I can watch online or buried on the NBC site where multiple clicks, your GPA and the first name of your cable repair guy are needed.

Back to the TV section of the Sunday paper.

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I was just looking for the same info, yesterday. When I Googled "olympics 2012 tv schedule" I found this: http://www.nbcolympics.com/get-local/tvlistings.html

You just have to know how to talk to Google...