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Thursday, July 26
School camp and closet-less kid

Busy Boy and Busy D. have been at camp for 3 weeks, they come home Saturday!

Busy Girl's enjoyed being an only child (when she's home) and we've gotten a few things done around the house, but nowhere near the volume of grand plans we thought we'd execute while they were gone.

I was ready to go all Clean Sweep on a few of the rooms around here, but while we've got the "empty the room" part down, we have to work on our follow through.

We redecorated Busy D.'s room so he'll be surprised when he gets home.

His room is tee-tiny, it's actually a dormer (old house fun!) so we do what we can. It's not so bad when they're little and don't notice, but when you're 10, you notice Harry Potter under the stairs may have had a bigger space than you do.

The newly redecorated room looks pretty good until you remember there's no closet (the nursery armoire had been in there), and we have no idea what we're going to do with items you typically put in a closet.

I try very hard to not let my, "We don't have a baaaaybeees anymore" gene get out of control, but something about cleaning out that room was sad.

It has been a nursery to all 3 kids, and I remember sitting in there before she was born, looking at the baby gifts, and marveling how this baby had "stuff" already. That made it all seem so real.

Now, Busy Girl is off to college in about 3 weeks, how did this happen?

While I don't subscribe to the school of thought that says a college freshman is, "on her own" quite yet, it's still kind of wild to think about.

By the way, if I birthed you, you're not, "on your own", until you don't have to call me for bail money in the middle of the night.

So, I simply refer to college (In my head. Mostly.) as, "school camp", and that makes it all better.

If I indulge in the "mah baaaaaybeee" line of thought, I begin to ruminate and wonder, "Did I enjoy them enough as babies?" "Did/Are they having a good childhood?', "I feel like I hardly remember anything!", and we all know how THAT can snowball.

Instead of falling down the rabbit hole of angst-ridden and emotionally overwrought recall, I'm just going to work on enjoying today with them and not letting our new routine with Busy Girl (school camp!) overshadow the boys.

So, first on the enjoy-the-moment agenda is making sure Busy D.'s future autobiography isn't titled, "I Grew Up Without a Closet".

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