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Thursday, January 3
Busy Mom: Witty Banter Killer

There's a little known fact about me: I am a Witty Banter Killer.

OK, so maybe some of you do actually know that and have witnessed me in action, but either way, I am where text messages and Facebook threads stop.

For example, a friend texts me with a question of some sort and the conversation turns silly and goes back and forth a few times. After a few exchanges, I respond as we've been doing, and then: nothing.

Another example is a Facebook conversation thread. There can be long list of comments on someone's post from a variety of people, but as soon as I jump in, BOOM! Everyone scatters, and I'm the last lonely face right there on your screen.

I don't make inappropriate or nonsensical comments (Oh, alright, who am I kidding?), and, as far as I know, I'm reasonably articulate, but for whatever reason, I am Banter Repellant there, too.

I enjoy communicating with people and I recognize that none of us has endless time to text or be on Facebook or Twitter.

But, I also like to think I'm someone who can recognize social cues when a joke or a conversation has been run into the ground, but what if I am The Lady Who Doesn't Know When to Quit, and I don't know it?

I mean, is there an online assessment I can take? Do I need some sort of intervention?

I realize online etiquette is different than face-to-face and that you don't necessarily have to have a formal closing to a conversation, but I seem to have a special talent for conversation killing.

I'm available for parties if you're interested, and I have a special coupon code you can use for your BCS Championship party on Monday (Roll Tide!).

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Can't comment on your abilities there because I am totally stunned that you posted twice this week.

I thought I was the only one who had this talent! Seriously, it happens to me ALL the time.

*sound of crickets, chirping* (snort!)

I feel like I have that affect as well. It can really give a girl a complex.

I don't recall you ever killing any of my convos, though :)

Posted by: Malia | January 4, 2013 9:34 AM

We always called someone who could do this in person a "conversation sniper." I've found that I'm an excellent shot, personally.

This comment is actually on an older post: HOW TO REBOOT THE WESTEC 5000S ALARM SYSTEM (that has been archived) I just wanted to thank you -- it saved us a service call after our alarm system wouldn't power-up again after a power failure. Much appreciated!!! Glad my Google search found it and you - busy Mom!

Posted by: Busy Oakland Grandmom | January 22, 2013 11:42 AM