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Monday, January 28
Once more, with feeling

I feel like that uncle that keeps promising to get sober, and lets everyone down. Only, I'm not an uncle, I'm not an alcoholic and I'm not sure that anyone's all that let down if I don't post.

Other than that, it was a bangin' analogy, no?

I firmly believe I'm going to start posting regularly again, and then I fall off the posting wagon.

However, it drive me crazy when people go on and on about why they haven't posted rather than actually writing something, so I won't do that.

But, I will throw in that Busy D. getting older and having real homework and bunches of soccer (Soccer: it's the new volleyball if you've been around here for a while) really occupies the evenings when I used to post.

Also, either I'm too old to stay up late anymore, or my computer has turned into the poppies on the Wizard of Oz, and the moment I sit down to it, I can't hold my head up anymore and that puts a damper on posting.


The holidays have come and gone and I've recently returned from my 14th annual girls beach trip. Can you believe that?

We had a grand time, boosted the beach economy at the outlet mall, ate too much and laughed way too hard. Can't wait to do it again next year.

For our 15 year celebration, we're going to add an extra day, or a week or a month or something, I forget. Only 351 days to go...

I've also recently celebrated 10 years of blogging. I should probably do something more exciting than just make that statement, but I have no idea what. A blogaversary just doesn't have the same significance it once had, but that's OK. 2003 was still a very good year.

It boggles my mind that when I began, Busy D. was 8 months old, Busy Boy was 6 and Busy Girl was 8. I remember the first thing I wrote, and I was sitting the same place I am now when I wrote it.

Only now I have posterior vitreous detachment, so there's all sorts of weird thingies floating around my eyeball while I'm sitting here in this same place, but I digress...

In addition to my geriatric eyeball disease, so much has happened during these 10 years. Busy D. is nearing middle school, Busy Boy is looking at colleges (OK, that's not totally true, I'm looking at colleges and he's looking at skateboards), and Busy Girl is more than halfway through her first year of college.

10 years ago, if someone had described their kids to me like that I would have been all, "Yeah, that's nice (zzz...)," and now I'm there, the one with "older" kids.

It's OK though. You can freak yourself right out if you think too deeply about it, and I could write all kinds of angsty stuff about fleeting childhood and such, but you know what?

Other than being awake all the time because they're up all night prowling around rather than crying and being broke all the time from car insurance and college tuition rather than from daycare, this here is pretty good, after all.

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I was just recalling the crying at night and prowling around all night days (nights) as I had fruit and ice cream for dinner and took a nap at 8pm. I feel like I have 26 years of sleep deprivation to make up for. You think you won't survive empty nest, at first, but I have to admit, there are advantages. I am, however, still broke, and reminded frequently by the 4-legged crew that I still have responsibilities.

Posted by: amy324 | January 29, 2013 2:04 AM

Happy Blogaversary? I think I've been reading you just as long. My howjudiofyou blog is long gone, but I'm still kicking around the internets :)

10 years. Wow. Goes by so fast! Congrats!

2003 was a very good year. Congrats :)

Happy Blogaversary!! May you stay Busy for another 10 years!

Happy blogaversary!! What a great year 2003 was for blogging! Congrats my friend!