Pizza Hut Tuscani Pasta

pasta.jpgPizza Hut is branching out and has introducedTusacni Pasta.

It comes in 2 flavors, Meaty Marinara and Creamy Chicken Alfredo.

We got to try out the Meaty Marinara flavor. It was delivered to our door just as promised, and, you know what?

It was really good.

I was mildly skeptical that pasta could survive the delivery process still warm, but the aluminum pan was carefully insulated in a cardboard box and it was still quite warm.

The pasta itself was done very well, there was lots of meat and cheese, not like some fast-food type pasta that looks like it might have accidentally run into some sauce.

It's a great alternative to pizza delivery. Though it's not exactly gourmet fare, we loved it and it would be an option for an informal dinner gathering.

Tuscani Pastas are $11.99 each and it feeds four, and comes with breadsticks. There was plenty for us and 3 kids.

Try it out!

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I have not tried them and I don't intend to. I don't understand why you would want to spend $11.99 on something from PH when it can cost less then $5.00 to make it yourself. By the way, there is no such thing as meaty marinara. Look, chop up a small onion and a couple of cloves of garlic. Brown them in olive oil. Add a large can of crushed tomatoes, and a small can of tomatoe paste if you want to add thickness. Add a dash of oregano and basil )fresh if you can get it). Let it simmer for thirty minutes to an hour, while you have your spaghetti cooking on the side. Serve some "real" marinara sauce to your hungry kids after putting the change back in your wallet. Cheers!

David Bennett:

I think this is a fake marketing blog. All the posts are product positive and have a funny sterile smell. (Maybe Busy Mom should pick up Lysol as a client :)

Charles Tsai:

I agree with David; the presentation of the "blogs" are a little too much like marketing ads/campaigns/blogs I've seen.

If this isn't a fake marketing blog, I think that you - Busy Mom - should write about products and present them in a different style. The way you're doing it now just doesn't seem genuine.

Not a marketing blog, I happen to like the things I've written about.

I don't offer to review things I don't think I can use or wouldn't enjoy.

Pasta not very difficult. It's good or not good, and it was good.

Your results may vary.


I ordered the Creamy Chicken Alfredo last night and was extremely skeptical about it being good. I expected to take a couple bites and then regret ordering and paying for it, but to my surprise it was actually really good! My husband even liked it and he is one of the most picky eaters I know.

As far as the snide post above about "why would you pay to order out instead of cooking it yourself" WELL........some of us don't have as much time as YOU. I cook in when I can, and will order out (without shame) when I want/need to.

Guilty Pleasure:

I expected it to suck as well. I'm now waiting until 11:00 so the PH on Wilshire can open up and get delivering. This is one of those things you are just going to have to try... but don't tell anyone I told you it was good.

We're trying the Alfredo tomorrow night - sounds promising! Thx for the heads up! ;-)


Mine Creamy Alfredos taste like feets. bad Pizza Hut !

waste of money:

i have worked for ******* "hut" and i will tell you they mistreat their food and their employees. i would never order from a one of these establisements unless i was drunk and desperate. as said before you can make great, authentic chicken alfredo at home (cheaper) and not worry if your chicken is a month overdue and if people that dont wash their hands after the restroom are preparing your family meal. the pastas are more than likely frozen, the meat processed with soy, and the sauces are bland. we threw out at least 2 full pans of this away after a buffett.

Jacque Damon:

you know there is a reason why we live in a society such as we do we all have choices we can make I worked at a Pizza Hut in MT we took pride in everything we made just because you worked at a bad one doesn't make them all bad. As to the food again choices not everyone will like it and not everyone has to like it. If you like your home made pasta and have the time to make it great if you don't have time and want someone to make your meal you also have that option. I think this is a fine blog I may not agree with every review but so what just because I make like one product over another doesn't everyone else will, If we all liked the same food well we wouldn't have the choices we do.


I am also a worker at a pizza hut and feel that the pasta is great. Yes I do agree that it may be cheaper to make yourself but as two parents that work full time and has over jobs as well I feel for the taste and price it is hard to bet. It is hot and my kids love it when they eat it everytime. I feel that if the people that are working at pizza hut do not care about there store than the store has a very big problem in the type of people that they hire. I have no problem at my store and we all do what needs to be done to get the job done in order to make everything good.


My friend ordered the Alfredo Pasta, it look a little dry but I have to admit that when i tried it, it was actually good for the price, some people on this blog are complaining about the price of $11.99 is the part I dont understand, that is pretty cheap and it comes with breadstick too and feeds upto 4 people and considering the fact that you have no dishes to wash afterward, yeah, it saves you a couple of bucks making it at homes that's if your really hurting for money


I have four kids, work and go to school. If I am too tired to cook I order in. Also, every other week we order out. I did an assignment in Pizza Hut for my Management of Information Systems class for business. The results are very promissing and their success amazing. As for the food, is a lot better than Dominos. The post does sounds like marketing but I would it had written it like that too after I have taken a marketing class.


Does anyone know the dimensions of the pans of pasta, or what is considered a serving size?


I had the new macaroni pasta tonight. I have to say it was probably the cheesiest macaroni I've ever had. The bacon they use is Canadian bacon, but I'm pretty sure it compliments it better than your standard breakfast bacon. I have found the flavor quality can vary, but not too much. For the price (now $12.99) it really isn't bad. Everyone here seems to enjoy it.

As for the size, I believe the pan it comes in is pretty close to a 13x9 but I'm not positive.


I seriously cannot understand the positive posts with respect to this pasta from pizza hut. We were so looking forward to it after seeing all the ads. We ordered it one night and not only was it awful, there was not very much of it. I guess it was intended as a side dish. It wasn't much better than canned chef boyrdee. I can only assume the above positive posts have enjoyed canned past up to this point. You can actually do better by buying a $1 box of pasta, a $3. jar of sauce and wait the seven mins. for it to boil and it would by far be better.

I'm not a picky eater but this pasta was seriously bad. Oh, we bought pizza that night from there as well and boy have they gone down in quality lately. They used to be my favorite place to order pizza but I think they are off my list now.


I'm a full-time college student and work on the weekends. Sometimes I get too busy and tired to cook on my own. I have ordered the Creamy Chicken Alfredo two times and each time I have not had anything bad to say about it. The garlic bread that came with it was good also. (Garlic bread comes with the individual size). I am sure I will be ordering this again.

Joss the Chef:

Why would you promote something so disgusting as a fit food to feed your children?

As far as I can work out it is not even an Italian word.

If you want to make them pasta dishes, make them properly! They take very little time, are healthy and are not filled with the rubbish Pizza Hut put in them.


Put on water to boil your pasts (a good dry is one is fine)

In a large frying pan, put 2 tablespoons of olive oil. Fry gently one small onion, 2 cloves garlic till soft. Turn up the heat and throw in 1 or 2 tins of chopped tomatoes and a handful of chopped basic.

Fry, making sure it doesn't stick, till the oil starts to pool at the top of the sauce.

Throw in your cooked pasta and toss with the sauce. Put on plate.

Serve with some fresh grated Grand Padano cheese and dark leaf salad (spinach or something)

Tomatoes are good for you. Olive oil, onions and garlic are good for you?

Again, why do you want to feed your children rubbish?


I'm eating the chicken alfredo right now. YUM. It does NOT taste like feet, must be your PH that must be adding "extra ingredients"! :D
The bacon mac n cheese was nothing special at all - but chicken alfredo does indeed taste quite good and I was surprised as well :)


I just had to post about the pasta. I just got Meaty Marinara after reading good things about it and ..........

It was excellent! Its Really good I had two large servings. At first I thought oh great, Frazolis spaghetti or something, but it tasted way better than that. Not a bad deal either, have some left over for the next day or so. I'm busy also, so for me I don't like cooking much and this is a good option.


Hello bloggers. I'd have to say I am a huge fan of Pizza/Pasta Hut and their Creamy Chicken Alfredo variety pasta (haven't tried the others; I simply like this one so much). While the price seems a bit on the extreme side at first, stuffing 2-3 adults (and one of me!) for $12.99 with a genuinely delicious meal is by far one of the best values I can find out there for delivery food. It is an excellent option, store location and staff permitting, for any quick meal needed within 45 minutes, even on its own and without pizza.


I checked out the nutrition before ordering this, and ordered the Alfredo despite what I found. Between 510 and 630 calories per serving, half from fat.

It is REALLY pretty terrible for you, but it's also pasta from PizzaHut...
(Yes, I know... it's almost 11pm... I'll work out next week...)

Karen Aguilar:

I love the creamy only problem is that not all pizza huts offer individual sizes.

As for the person who posted above, (the one who says it is disgusting) Perhaps their pizza hut is the one an earlier poster worked in...the one where they use old meat and don't wash their hands after bathroom and don't care to do the best in their jobs) Find another pizza hut if you liked them in the past...I think not all are the same




PH added Lasagne to their Tuscani line up so along with some "boneless wings" and I pie I picked up a half order.

I belive it was 8.99 for a half order and wayyyy overpriced for what was received. Even the noodles are quarter sized to fit the small pan. For our family, this would be a serving and a half. The noodles were a good consistency and the sauce was tasty... however... Someone at PizzaHut was told that an overload of Basil makes it Italian. Nope, too much basil just means there is too much basil. That's about all you could taste and had it lingering on for hours after. No doubt they receive this premade, probably frozen and warm it up.

(un)Fortunaly I ordered some garlic boneless wings and some hot boneless wings. (I love wings and have no problem with bones, but I wanted to try them).

I love Hot wings. Not these. They aren't made from peppers, vinegar or any other natural ingredients. They are chemists wings with a sauce made from capsaicin powder or liquid and some food color. Zero flavor but way too much heat (habenero/scotch bonnet heat). I love heat, I love peppers, but I couldn't taste any peppers at all, just pure capsaicin heat. When you have nothing but heat and no flavor to grab, this is a loser. Avoid.

The Pie was standard PH fare.


Shame on your negative wanderers in life.

This can surely be made cheaper, so what! It is a fantastic delicious creation by PH that is loved by multitudes we know, including ourselves. Not everyone always has the time to make a meal from scratch!

Go PH ... super creation for your customers to enjoy!

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