Better Breakfast, Better You with Jimmy Dean

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I am a notoriously poor breakfast eater. Even as a child, I was never hungry in the morning when I got up, and then by the time I was hungry it was that awkward time between breakfast and lunch ("brunch" on a weekend) when you don't know what to eat, so you end up eating whatever is around, and that's not always the best choice.

It's not that I dislike breakfast, I'm just not ready to eat it when the rest of the world is ready, so sometimes I'll grab something small, but it ends up being something small like a cereal bar, or something lying around work like doughnuts. Both of those types of choices always leave me hungry later, and I end up eating more than I would have had I just had a decent breakfast to start with.

As an adult, it's still something I have to work on since I can't always stop in the middle of the work day and go get breakfast.

I'm not sure I'll ever be ready to eat when I wake up, but I'm working on eating something good for me at a more normal hour to start my day off right and keep my eating habits from getting way off schedule, and derailed with junk food. If I start the day off with junk, I tend to crave junk.

I've always read how important it is to have protein at breakfast, it keeps you feeling fuller, longer and it sets the tone for the rest of the day. I've finally decided to take it to heart, and you know what? It works. Who knew? I'm not as hungry and I make better food choices throughout the day.

I have a refrigerator in my office at work, and I've recently stocked it with some good breakfast foods to a. make myself eat them, and b. keep myself from going out and buying stuff. I need to eat healthier overall, and I'm trying to get geared up to make that commitment for the New Year.

Jimmy Dean's Sausage D-lights line is lower carbs and made with turkey sausage that's lower in fat and calories, as well. We've actually been buying the Canadian Bacon Honey Wheat Muffin. Busy Girl needs the protein for early morning volleyball games, and they're quick to microwave in a hotel room which is where we usually are. I've also started keeping them in my work fridge:

Jimmy Dean D-lights

I'm getting better at the breakfast thing, and a commitment to eating meals on time and starting the day with some protein is going to be a great start for me to make other healthier changes in my life for the New Year.

If only protein could exercise for me.

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Comments (325)

I totally need to just eat breakfast. Usually it's yogurt with granola. Going on my list right now so I can start the year right!

I plan to have protein for breakfast and try to minimize carbs.



I will spend more time focused on myself instead of everyone else.

Kathleen Porteous:

I need to focus on protein based breakfasts instead of carbs which leave me hungry an hour later.

kport207 at gmail dot com


I work nights so breakfast for me is around 5pm. I am trying to eat healthier for that meal instead of always getting a burger and fries. Salad and maybe even some breakfast stuff like oatmeal of one of these Jimmy Dean sandwiches. Thanks!

Scott Martin:

I look forward to bettering myself in the coming year. Not only will I lose weight for myself I will also be a better role model for my two kids. That is the best I can wish for in the new years.
Scott Martin

Debra Hall:

eat only oatmeal for breakfast


I make sure I eat breakfast daily. I usually include protein. It could be oatmeal or eggs or other proteins.


My "better breakfast" choice is to eat smarter. My new strategy is to not overeat, but still eat the things I like. Thanks for the giveaway!

Benny Williams:

I plan on walking more and eating healthy.

Rebecca Graham:

I plan to work out three days a week.

Love all the opinions expressed here! How is everyone? Love how everyone expresses whatr they feel :)

I plan on working out more as soon as I heal from my upcoming c-section!

sandy :

getting rid of toxic people in my life

T. Lawson:

I actually eat a good breakfast, making sure I have protein along with carbs and healthy fats. I plan to continue that practice in the new year.

Kathy Scott:

I am going to make hard boiled eggs so that the mornings that I am running late, I can at least grab an egg to go.

My office is close to a McDonald's and for a while (last winter especially) I was just cruising on in 2 or 3 times a week and getting a dollar breakfast item. NOT healthy. I've been on somewhat of a wellness kick lately and I try to make healthier breakfast choices now, like oatmeal or low fat cottage cheese with fresh strawberries and granola.


I'm going to try to stop skipping breakfast.

I will opt for more grain and fruit.

Do you really think this is the most effective way to share your thoughts?

Margaret Smith:

I plan on trying not to skip breakfast this year and to try to eat healthier.
Thanks so much.

Do you actually think this was the most effective way to make a point?


I will eat better and exercise more

Heather S:

I will eat more fruit and vegetables

Sarah Hirsch:

i never eat breakfast so I will try to start small and just get a little food in me in the morning to get my day off to a better start


I am going to be sure to always have a bit of protein with my breakfasts so I can stay full until lunch!


No more "coffee only" breakfasts for me. It's time now for healthier choices to start out my days. I think that Jimmy Dean will be at my morning table very often.

Lisa P:

I have GOT to start exercising!

Adrienne Gordon:

I choose not to eat junk food for snacks.

I've usually been pretty good about eating breakfast; yogurt, breakfast sandwiches, fruit, etc. I could make better choices when I'm using a fast food place when I'm rushed.


I always eat breakfast (I just need a little sumthin' to start my day, you know?), but I'm not always good about getting protein in the AM. So I'm going to try to remedy that with eggs, cheese, peanut butter, and other tasty things like that.

Janice Whitakesr:

I am cutting back on carbs as I am now diabetic.

Susan Smith:

I plan on walking more and eating more fruits and vegetables and less junk food and sugar.

Diane R.:

Add protein for every breakfast and use less salt.

cathy miller / rewcath:

I am trying very hard to eat a much more nutricious breakfast, I've included more oatmeal and whole wheat bagels, I try to stay away from the white flour and sugary products, not always easy but I do try.

cathy miller / rewcath:
cathy miller / rewcath:
Bonnie P:

I plan to add more protein to my breakfast meal

Katharine D:

I plan to cook more from scratch and eat more whole/organic foods


I plan on taking long walks every night with
my dog. Also to eat more fresh fruit and veggies. I need to eat an healthy breakfast.
And drink more water

Felicia K.:

For 2011, I'm planning to quit smoking AND drinking pop. Wish me luck because I'm so going to need it!

Patrice :

I need to eat more fruit and whole grain cereals for breakfast.

Jessie C.:

I plan to do more yoga and jogging
tcarolinep at gmail dot com

Jessie C.:


Debby Kaczorowski:

*Whats happening

I run. So, my plan for 2011 is to work on incorporating running and other workouts. We'll see how it goes :)

scottorbsmith at gmail dot com

I am going to try to quit smoking. Maybe this is my year.


We plan on eating more protein and reading labels more carefully along with drinking plenty of water! Thank you!


I tweeted

Happy New Year to you all!

Pamela Simon:

I am going to try to not just eat a piece of toast, but some protein, like Jimmy Dean sausages with my toast. Unfortunately, I am allergic to eggs, because those breakfast sandwiches look really good.

Cynthia C:

I already eat oatmeal for breakfast, but I am going to add a little protein.


I'm going to extend my work out from thirty minutes to an hour!

Courtney S:

I am determined to exercise more. Last year I started eating healthier so no I need to tone up.

First, I need to start eating breakfast everyday. I have never been a breakfast eater. Lately I have been having 2 scrambled egg whites and toast, but not as often as I should. I am determined to eat healthy breakfasts daily from here on out


I plan on eating less sugar, both at breakfast and all day long!

I'm determined to eat more natural foods.

I’m planning on trying to eat less fat and exercising more!! Thanks!


I am trying to add more fruit into my breakfast!

I plan on drinking less sodas and more water
tbarrettno1 at gmail dot com


I'm going to eat more fried egg whites and turkey bacon instead of pork bacon.


I'm definitely going to try to eat some protein in the morning. I usually grab a granola bar on the go!

Jill H:

I plan on exercising daily for better health, even if it's only for 20-30 minutes a day.

Jill H.:



I plan to eat whole wheat toast, white eggs, and steak.


I plan on easing up on the carbs in the morning and adding more protein. Perhaps I won't get so tired by mid morning.

Wendi P:

I plan on eliminating the processed foods and eating fruits and vegetables instead. Thanks!!


I'm going to make oatmeal with fruit alot more...because I love it and I feel better when I eat that. (totally willing to try these breakfast sandwiches too!)

Janice Wright:

I plan on eating more fruits & veggies.

Patricia Treskovich:

I plan to eat cereal and fruit for breakfast

Beth T.:

How embarrassing this is to admit: I am going to eliminate Coca Cola from my list of breakfast foods.

wordygirl at earthlink dot net

Becky Horn:

I will drink more water and get more sleep

Becky Horn:

I will have to try those delights. They look delicious. When we are being good we usually have oatmeal or a fruit smoothie for breakfast, so we need to make those choices more often.

Jean D.:

I've always loved breakfast foods, so keeping my routine won't be difficult for me. However, I'll have to eat less of everything. This week I'm having major back surgery, and I'll need to compensate for my lack of mobility.

Thanks for a great giveaway!

Ellie W:

I usually eat breakfast, if I eat breakfast, on the run. I'm going to start keeping hard boiled eggs in the fridge so at least I can grab something healthy and full of protein.
Thanks for the giveaway!
eswright18 at gmail dot com


I plan on eating better and exercising a lot more. Thanks!



Like you I am not a breakfast eater, but I plan on giving it a try this year-at least a piece of fruit or glass of milk.
smchester at gmail dot com

I'm aiming to take the kids for 2+ mile walks in the neighborhood at least 4 times a week. That gets me off my rear end and gets the kids out for fresh air.

Jessica P:

I plan to make small changes through the year, like eating more veggies and moving more.

Mary M:

This year I am going to eat more veggies and less fast food. Also I am adding Jimmy Deans D-Lights to my breakfast foods.

Mary M:

I'm going to be getting back in shape after my 2nd baby (due any day now!!!). I plan to focus on incorporating whole foods and gradually increasing to a more intense workout routine. I would love to do a race or some other fitness event before the end of the year.

sherri crawford:

i need to try to eat more protein and less sugary breakfasts

I'm going to increase my protein intake, and these D-lights sound like a perfect way to do that.
chainmail (at) iwon (dot) com


My new resolution is to up my trips to the gym from 2 a week to 3 times a week. And to hold myself to "making up" missed gym trips with videos at home.



I have resolved to actually eat breakfast in the morning. Usually I just run out of the house and don’t even think about it. So by mid-morning, I am starving and I have to go the vending machine to get something to snack on. So by eating a healthy breakfast every day, I should be able to curb all of the snacking that I do.

Priorities...Prioritize precious family time...prioritize healthy habits...prioritize prayer time...prioritize exercise...

More on blog at:

Roblyn Honeysucker:

I plan to eat low fat yogurt plus some granola with skim milk.

roblyn66 at yahoo dot com


im going to actually try to eat breakfast this year


i will try to buy less sugary processed foods

Susan E.:

I'm choosing to be less stressed by setting aside 15 minutes daily for deep breathing and relaxation exercises. When I feel more relaxed and balanced, I do a much better job of staying on track with my goals, both health and otherwise.

dogsrock at insightbb dot com

Tami Vollenweider:

It seems like I take care of everybody else,besides me! Now I need to make me a #1 priority!


I do want to walk's the only exercise I enjoy.


I will be more physically active.


I will make sure to stay hydrated when I exercise.


I am going to try to be more physically active, esp. during the winter months. I notice as I age, I have less stamina. I always need to drink more water!!

chris swan:

I plan on filling half my plate with veggies or fruit and the other half- half with protein and half with carbs.


I'm going to try to avoid picking up Mcd's for breakfast and eat at home more!


I am committed to making sur the whole family eats breakfast in 2011

Darlene Sweeney:

plan to eat more oatmeal and exercise & walk more.


I am not much of a breakfast eater, so I normally have milk w/instant breakfast and some fruit. Maybe I will try some of the JD D-Lights for a change of pace.

i plan on drinking more water.


i am making sure i eat veggies with at least 2 meals..i can't just rely on vitamins anymore and i also am going to work to improve my good cholesterol level
nannypanpan at

Karen Gonyea:

I started enjoying these for breakfast about a month ago :) YUMMY !!

Karen Gonyea:

LOVE these :)


I plan on drinking more water and eating at least the recommended amount of vegetables daily.


The ONE thing I plan to do to better myself is to make time for myself to do the projects I have been meaning to do for quite a while :) Y'know, Me-Time :)

Please feel free to contact me at:

allrightyes at gmail dot com


I just tweeted this giveaway here :D!/TimboSquad/status/24015110464864256

Please feel free to contact me at:

allrightyes at gmail dot com

Ruth Anderson:

I plan to exercise on my WII fit I got for Christmas.

Karen Gonyea:

Count me in again please :)


I am also not a breakfast eater, and like you, I have taken to stocking food at work so that it is there and available at about 9am when I get hungry. Beats hitting the vending machines!

april yedinak:

I am absolutely going to start exercising again- standing while eating doesn't count anymore.


i plan on getting away from cereal all the time and getting a little more protein in in the morning


Trying to eat more healthy, whole grain breakfasts and fruit


I plan to get more sleep and join an exercise class




TWEETED ALSO!!/kytah00/status/24560630270787584

My better start is discovering - I am using to track my calories ( have done WW before), staying away from the sweets - which is taking all of my will power and will be hitting the elliptical once it arrives. Really just trying to find ways to work around cravings and my bad habit of stress eating!! Lots of gum chewing

Henria O.:

I'll cut out the excess sweets from my diet!
sazzyfrazz at gmail dot com

Henria O.:

sazzyfrazz at gmail dot com


I'm going to drink more water and eat more veggies!

I plan to cut back on the junk food and add more veggies wherever possible


Choosing less processed foods and more real foods! And trying to make sure I eat breakfast every morning!

I feel a lot better on days when I eat breakfast instead of just swigging coffee all day. My "Better Breakfast" habit is I switched from buying regular pork sausage to buying the Jimmy Dean turkey sausage after tasting it at the J.D. booth at BlogHer last year. It is so good!


I eat a good breakfast daily so not too much to change there. My plans for 2011 are to try and cut back on as much processed food and sugar as I can for a healthier lifestyle.


I am going to make more home cooked meals


My New Year's Resolution is that every year, from now on, I'm going to either learn something new or try something I've never done before. I always felt weird that I didn't know how to swim so this year I signed up for swimming lessons at our local community college. Not only will I learn a new skill, I'm hoping to get healthier with some much-needed exercise.

Kathleen S.:

I am not much of a breakfast person, but I am bringing yogurt, and apple, or something else healthy to work each day for breakfast now so I don't snack in the morning. Thanks!


I plan on eating breakfast everyday within one hour of waking up. So far it's going great and I notice I am not as hungry later in the day and evening.


Since my kids cyber school now, a hot and healthy breakfast before they 'run out the door' has become a thing of the past. We are going to try to make cooking a better breakfast at least three times a week a part of our education! If I plan it around lessons - it will get done and we will all be BETTER IN 2011!

R Norrod:

One change I am making this year to make a better me is drinking more water and ... less soda. Gonna take some extra effort, but my health is worth it.


I'm making a conscious decision to stop picking at my face. No more "just this once"s or "only whiteheads". (tmi? maybe.) IM GOING COLD TURKEY! lol.

I've joined weight watchers and am walking more.

Amy D:

I plan to move more and eat less. Trying to keep it simple this year!

Kurt Hoffmann:

Eat better.

I'm going to try to exercise three times weekly.

Cheryl W.:

I plan on eating a well rounded, healthy breakfast to give me the boost I need to make it through the day.


Cheryl W.:

I am off to a great start on my healthier you in 2011! I eat breakfast every day-a healthy one -and am working out 3 times a week! I KNOW I will keep it up because I am being positive and I feel so much better! Wish me well!


My plan and am doing now, eating healthier for sure. More Juice, less drive throughs.

gmissycat at yahoo dot com


Tweeted here too

gmissycat at yahoo dot com

Betsy Hoff:

So far in 2011, I have replaced high saturated fat with healthy fats and whole grains~ We also are eating more fresh organic fruits and vegetables


I plan on eating more protein for breakfast and avoiding sugary treats like muffins and cinnamon buns! It will be hard though but eggs and whole wheat toast or oatmeal sounds pretty good too! :)


I tweeted this giveaway as well! Thank you so much for the chance!

I need to eat breakfast, period. I mostly do not do it.

When I do eat breakfast, I tend to overindulge. I need to stop eating when I'm no longer hungry.


Am getting back into my exercise routine

Debbie Bellows:

i plan to make healthier choices for our meals and walk regularly on my treadmill

Debbie Bellows:
Sarah L:

I usually have a smoothie for breakfast. I swim 3 times a week and try to walk as much as possible.
Thanks for the contest.

I plan on eatn breakfast each day whether it be a bagel with peanut butter,or yogurt, and cooking healthier meals at home, and more excercise.

MaryC in VA:

More green smoothies! My daughter makes them for us with kale and fresh or frozen fruit and they are delicious and so very fresh!


I plan to take time to eat breakfast more often.

I plan to do more strength training and run at least one 5K this year

Eating a healthier breakfast that contains less sugar.


It's so easy to skip breakfast, but I resolve to find quick and healthy choices for breakfast so I won't be tempted to skip it.

I am eating a healthier breakfast by eating more protein. I have a new recipe I love & can switch up by using different spices & veges. The main recipe is as follows:

12 eggs
1/2 pound cooked Jimmy Dean sausage
1/4 cup chopped green pepper
1/4 cup chopped onion
1/2 cup shredded cheese
Spices to taste

beat eggs
Add the rest of the ingredients and mix well
grease a 12 cup muffin tin & preheat oven to 350
Scoop egg mixture into muffin tins & bake for 20 min or until toothpick comes out clean from center of egg "muffin"


I really should eat better for breakfast - I usually just grab a bowl of cereal b/c I never have time in the mornings. Perhaps this year I will try to eat a more well-rounded breakfast.

i eat a high fiber breakfast and a piece of fruit. so often cereal or a granola bar with a banana or clemeantine.

Sue King:

My "Better Breakfast, Better You" choices for the New Year is to eat more protien and less sugar. I'm trying to stay away from donuts and eat eggs, sausage or cheese stick.

For me, eating a better breakfast will have to start with actually eating breakfast. I'm a notorious breakfast skipper, but I'm trying to change that. I try to have a good protein in there and not just coffee cake or doughnuts.


i'm planning on drinking much more water


I have cut out bacon and fried eggs. I now have Special K cereal with fruit.


Like you, I am not hungry until several hours after I get up. My solution is to eat my healthy breakfast in shifts. Coffee when I get up, a banana in the car on the way to work, a pepperidge farms toasted flat bread with a little peanut butter spread on it. And that pretty much lasts me until lunchtime.


I know a better breakfast can make a better day for me...I usually ditch it all together or eat so late that it messes up my eating schedule and metabolism. To better help this, I need to eat MORE throughout the day, Healthy foods...starting with breakfast. I know the "starve" is not good and the whole DIET thing I am SO tired of. With kids in school I don't worry about feeding myself "normal" anymore until dinner. I'd like to get to a point this year that I can be on track, eat like a normal woman again...where food is just FOOD and not an enemy, enjoy it and let be a tool to improve my rotten health. After that, I can work on getting my MOVE on again and stop being a couch slouch. Having chronic illness doesn't mean you should stop working on yourself just because you have been "dealt" a rotten means you have to work harder and better at keeping healthy!
Hope I can put that thought into action!

ejrichter60 at gmail dot com

I've given up cereal except the occasional oatmeal. I've been trying to eat lots of protein and fruit for breakfast. Lowfat cottage cheese, fruit (not together - I don't think fruit belongs in cottage cheese - yuck), and turkey sausage or I even bought some meatless "sausage" but I haven't been brave enough to try it.


I tweeted this!

thank you!
ejrichter60 at gmail dot com


I plan on going to skim milk on my cereal instead of my usual 2%.


I've started having more fiber for breakfast - apple/carrot milkshakes and wheat bread.
mandalarctic at gmail dot com


I usually eat breakfast, but I'm going to try and make sure that its healthy EVERYDAY...and start walking more.


patricia treml:

I really am trying to EAT breakfast in the morning, this year. I am trying to include more proteins, rather than the 'bagel and cream cheese' routine that I have gotten used to. It has been harder than I expected, I need to leave myself more time to prepare something to eat in the morning, or get ready the night before.

greenvolcomion at yahoo dot com

patricia treml:

greenvolcomlion at yahoo dot com

patricia treml:

tweeted this giveaway! @prettymebeauty!/prettymebeauty/status/28495235336114176

greenvolcomlion at yahoo dot com


I have been trying to incorporate more protein in my breakfast. Usually I have a banana and go run, and then have some yogurt afterward. A Jimmy Dean breakfast would be an improvement to my morning routine.

I definitely plan on eating breakfast daily, Im really bad about breakfast too, I always put it off until... pass lunch time, its terrible, but I am absolutely determined this year even if its something quick! So far so good!

Also to get more organized! I'm clearing out my closet, its a long process but i am getting there.

Also take more Fashion design classes to brush up my skills. :)


I plan to eat more healthy, drink more water and to stay positive.

brenda helgeson:

I've added more fiber to my diet and since I am a breakfast skipper, I'm trying to eat it every morning


I'm going to learn how to take care of me, which means prepare a healthy breakfast every morning, not just think about it. Just do it!!


No more stopping at McDonalds for their $1.00 Sausage & Egg McMuffin on the way to work! Haven't had one this year yet and I used to stop at least once a week on the way to work. :)

Steph B:

I plan to eat less sweets, drink more water, and get back into a consistent exercise routine!

valerie mabrey:

want to start having breakfast


I am working on not skipping breakfast. I am trying to eat a breakfasty food each morning.

Debra F:

After years of resolving to simply eat less to try to lose weight (and never being successful), this year I changed my resolution to add to my diet; specifically more fiber. I know I don’t get enough fiber in my diet, so I’m adding high fiber foods to each meal. It is much easier to keep this resolution, and I actually do feel better physically.

Sue Farrell:

I plan to eat a good breakfast every day---one with a fresh fruit and full of fiber.

Marcia Goss:

I plan to eat breakfast at home each morning before I go to work, so that I can avoid fast food. I also plan to get out and walk more.

Julie J.:

I already eat breakfast, because I wake up hungry, but I could make (and will make) better choices in 2011.


I really like to eat a good breakfast, but "good" too often equates to "hearty". I've been eating more cereal and oatmeal lately, but I'm definitely going to give these Jimmy Dean D-lights a try. mcgillrmcgill(at)charter(dot)net

Sandra Brower:

Since I I am insulin resistant I have changed my diet to include more proteins in my diet and fewer simple carbohydrates. It is making a huge difference especially since I added more cardio to my workout. I have lost 10 lbs and feel more energetic all day through. No more sluggish wake up either. I resolve to keep this up and find creative ways to keep my progress going if I plateau. My goal to to get down to my military weight which is a lot healthier and I can be more active.

I try to eat while I am feeding the kids. It's all out anyway. No excuses. Besides, my hubby makes a wonderful whole grain bread. It should be easy to pop a slice in the toaster while my oversize pot of coffee is brewing.


This late morning I snacked on a celery stalk. When you are hungry, you'll eat anything that is available!

My goal is to walk 10,000 steps per day and make healthier food choices.


actually going to the grocery store and buying food thats healthy!

Shelley Mitchell:

I plan on cooking healthier meals for my family!

msjem2001 at yahoo dot com

Erica C.:

This year, I want to drink more water.

Kevin Elliott:

My goal is to eat some sort of fruit every morning for 30 days straight!

I'm going to start eating breakfast - I usually skip

Debbie C:

A "Better Breakfast, Better You" choice I will be trying is substituting turkey sausage for the pork breakfast sausage we use now. Jimmy Dean D-lights is another thing I'll be trying.

dchrisg3 @ gmail com

Debbie C:

I gave up soda on New Year's Eve. So far, I haven't missed it, and I'm drinking more water. So far, so good!

Jenn S.:

I am going to make the initiative to drink more water and consume less sugar this year.
I also want to add more protein into my diet, especially at breakfast.


I will exercise more


I went to the official rules and used the form for an alternate form of entry

One thing I am doing this year is adding at least one serving of FRESH fruit to my diet every day…not canned or frozen…FRESH!

I joined weight watchers and have been making much better choices in food!

gina.m.maddox AT gmail DOT com

gradually transferring all my pantry items from traditional to organic/whole food based!


I plan to get outside and walk more!


For breakfast, and every meal I can, I plan to eat fresh foods (fruit, veggies, lean meats) instead of processed and fast foods.

Debra B:

For 2011 I plan on getting back into my walking routine, I want to walk 3-5 miles Everyday and exercise 3 times a week, i did this last year and was able to lose some weight but somehow got sidetracked and havent walked in awhile and because of that lack of walking/exercise I gained a few lbs and now plan to get focused and walk like I was doing before, I know I can do it and I know I need to do it so I am getting started now so i can lose weight, get healthy and vow to stay motivated

thanks for the great giveaway

Daniel M:

i should try to get more variety at breakfast


Just eating breakfast will be a big change for the better.

Amanda Campbell:

I am not a morning person, but I am trying to make more of an effort to make quick, easy breakfasts containing protein to give me energy to start my day.



Doing more yoga and eating more fruit and less junk


hazel hunt:

Would love to win!!


I already eat a pretty good breakfast filled with protein, but I'm open to these breakfast meals. I love convenience! ;-)

I plan to buy more fresh produce, cook healthier meals, and to walk my dog more often this year!

Suzanne Lewis:

I plan to have more protein and less carbs in my breakfast.

txhottie_86 at yahoo dot com

I want to eat more fruit and protein!

Natalie J. Vandenberghe:

More than 25 years ago, a doctor told me I really needed to eat breakfast in the morning. I just couldn't bring myself to do it; however, for almost two years now, I've been trying to eat in the morning. I'm eager to try Jimmy Dean's Canadian Bacon Honey Wheat Muffin (maybe it will be just the incentive I need). Thanks for the giveaway.

Paula Hafner:

I cutting back on caffeine and eating yogurt every day.

Sharon Seneker:

I honestly eat a Jimmy Dean D'light breakfast every morning. I recently lost 60 lbs. and was only eating cereal for breakfast and thought I needed to eat more protein to prevent hair loss and peeling fingernails. I like the Canadina bacon and turkey sausage choices best! Thanks!

Ann Muth:

I'm going to relax more

Heather H.:

One better choice I plan on making is getting more sleep, at least 7 hours a night so I'm more energized the next day.
hendymartin1 AT yahoo DOT com

Heather H.:

hendymartin1 AT yahoo DOT com

latisha depoortere:
latisha depoortere:

Im going to try and eat breakfast more don't eat it enough skip too much!
Great giveaway thank you.


Get at least an hour more of exercise a week for the first 2 months & continue to increase by an hour or 30 minutes more every 2 months after that, Eat more dairy, fruits, veg, & fiber foods!

Deanna G.:

I plan to eat more breakfasts with fiber and protein and cut back on the sugar! :)


The better breakfast choice I'm making is to actually eat breakfast. I usually get up and get started and forget to eat something. before long it's lunch.


I'm going to drink less Coke and more water


I plan on actually eating breakfast! ;)

For breakfast, I plan to eat turkey sausage and bacon instead of the unhealthier version I've always eaten!
digicat {AT} sbcglobal {DOT} net

I posted this giveaway on my Blog
digicat {AT} sbcglobal {DOT} net

Suzanne K:

Boy, your post sounded like you interviewed ME! I don't like to eat first thing, then the day gets rolling and I get busy.... and then I'm starving and grab something not so good...! I've been working on eating a good breakfast daily - like oatmeal with raisins or egg on whole wheat toast!

I have a smoothie with breakfast every morning. It adds a few servings of fruit!

Darcy B:

I only eat breakfast on the weekend--it's not good for me and it's not a good example for my children--so I'm trying to eat breakfast everyday.


I plan on eating more fruits and veggies

itsjustme62613 at


I'm remembering to eat breakfast more often

jdmimi at gmail dot com

R Hicks:

I plan on eating less fatty foods
ardy22 at earthlink dot net

R Hicks:

ardy22 at earthlink dot net

kelly w.:

I plan on eating more fresh fruits!

chlorinebrain at sbcglobal dot net


I plan on exercising 3 times a week

Carol W.:

I plan to increase the intensity of my workouts.


They always told me breakfast was the most important meal of the day - so I am trying to start enjoying breakfast and having a lighter dinner at night :)
janicecrespo AT gmail dot com

Deborah Wellenstein:

I plan to eat a healthy breakfast every morning, and start a walking program.

dwellenstein at cox dot net


I plan to stay on my strict low inflammation diet better and am happy with the health results and the ability to be disciplined and look good.


More sleep! And more shopping for local produce.


I'm cooking oatmeal and adding peanut butter in the evenings so I just heat it up when I wake up and add some bananas.

wolverina401 at gmail dot com

Emily N.:

I plan to eat a good breakfast every morning and exercise 5 times a week.

Crystal F:

I plan to spend as much time as possible at our new Y. They actually let tweens workout so it's going to be grea for our family. Thank you!


I need to have more protein at breakfast


I plan to have breakfast instead of just coffee or a cereal bar.

Betty C:

I plan to start using the treadmill that is currently just taking up space.

Renee Turner:

Instead of sugary cereal for breakfast I am going to try and make better choices like whole grain bagel with natural peanut butter.

Joanne Schultz:

I'm trying to get more exercise in 2011 and to eat healthier too. A deli by us has wonderful egg & cheese wraps - it's a great way to start the day once in a while and not tons of calories either.
Thanks for the giveaway!


I am starting every day with a high-protein breakfast.

ceriehl at gmail dot com


I want to start eating oatmeal for breakfast more, so I don't get as hungry.

barbara wright:

I am going to eat breakfast every day. And NOT just coffee :-)

barbara wright:
Aaron B from IL:

Well I could say that I plan on sitting down and eating a better breakfast this year, but I really don't plan too. My breakfast usually consists of a cup of coffee from my Keurig in a travel cup and a banana since I never wake up in time for breakfast. I have been eating healthier portions at dinner time though to improve my eating habits.

Aaron B from IL:
Donna B.:

I'm making better choices by reading food labels, eliminating drive-thru meals *sob* and eliminating all sodas and sweetened beverages. I also make sure to add a fruit or veg to every meal. Just those small changes make a big difference.


I'm going to eat less meat.


Actually, eating breakfast is my goal and drinking the proper amounts of water. In doing both so far this year, the latter more than the former I must admit sheepishly, I have noticed positive change.

Sean Fidance:

I'm trying to eat a piece of fruit with breakfast.

I'm trying to cut back on calories and make more healthier choices, like fruit sometimes instead of fries.

Elizabeth Ray:

Cutting back on portion. making sure to have a fruit and protein at breakfast

I LOVE Jimmy Dean! YUM!! *slurps*
I'm trying so hard to lose this after-baby weight... shes 8 mo old and I've lost 15 lbs and I have 15 more to go! its a daily struggle to make healthy choices and be active. Hard to make enough time in the day, to take care of the baby and get my other little one to (and from) school, plus take care of myself, 2 dogs, the husband the house, but somehow I manage. (Moms do it everyday, but noone tells you how HARD it is! one was easy, two kids, totally diff! Lordy if I had more! ) Lord, grant me the serenity to not freak out over every little tiny mess. My resolution is to lose this weight!~
I am eating healthier and trying hard! .. Wish me luck!!! :)


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